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Mutator Memorial Site

Thunder Memorial Site

Toke Memorial Site

General Features

Single Player
You vs. your opponent
Doom version 1.91 patch
You vs. the Monsters

Levels Levels
Download Doom1 Shareware
Where can I buy Doom2?
How do I play Doom2 in Win2k?
Jump to BFG information
How to play on a local network
Zdaemon server information
Internet Relay Chat Compet-N (FX hosts this now)

Doom Art
Cheating explained 

 Deathmatch Database
What about Columbine?
North American
Historical Timeline Forums hosted sites


Compet-n Archive:
C O M P E T - N

Alien Vendetta
DevastatioN's Doom2 Homepage
BahdKo's Player Profiles
The Compet-NOT Homepage
Pablo Dictter's Doom2 Homepage


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