Clan QS artwork

Clan QS was a symbolic "doom clan" that had its first reference in the second week of January, 1997, with this IRC log in EFnet #deathmatch:

*** ]Arno[ changed nick to Arno|QS
<Arno|QS> Quake Sucks

From this humble beginning developed a group of doom fans who, when faced with the problem of Doom seemingly dying out due to the enthusiasm for the newer,  internet-playable Quake1, were willing to voice their position regarding Doom being the superior game, gameplay-wise. The clan was named "Clan QS", was organized by BahdKo, and had a website on which essays by the "clan members" were posted.

Except for an exerpt from Xenos' essay (which can be read here ), the essays and most of the content of the original site appear to be lost. However, all of the anti-quake artwork for the site has survived. All of the pictures were made by BahdKo and were used on the original site.

"The other Doom players
stood aside and watched
as Indigo beat the shit
out of QuakeGuy."
1.7 megs
Same as map1hi6.jpg, only download if you intend to use as a desktop background.
"And so, the Doom players
bust into Map_Start
and crash the party."
1.5 megs
Same as qsux1.jpg, only download if you intend to use as a desktop background.
Quake symbol with a
cross-out marking on top.
Quake player climbing
out of a toilet.