This is Baby Draven. She is just over 1 year old, and she is just learning to walk. She is also taking her first steps in Doom!

Here are some pics of her actively enjoying Doom2 map1 in nomonsters mode. Mommy Cass can also be seen in the right corner of the title picture above. These pictures are not posed, Draven is actually working the keyboard and mouse and watching the player responses on the screen (although yeah, the keyboard and mouse use were not particularly well coordinated). She did this for an extended period of time while sitting in the computer chair, then began standing on the chair to bring her head closer to the monitor. She does not navigate player movement through the maps at this point, but I'm sure that's coming soon!! :)

More pictures of Baby Draven:






When I first took Draven away from the PC after she had been dooming for a while, she threw herself on the floor next to my CPU and began screaming. I then put her back at my PC, where she resumed her doom game. You go, girl!!!