Frans Wrede!

Frans is 8 years old and
is one of those "gifted" kids, the kind that turns into a violin protege once in a while. So, what we could have HERE is the up-and-coming world's youngest Doomgod.

He and his Dad wanted to watch me play Doom (they may have mistaken me for a Doomgod, what with the name "BahdKo" and all), so I played Doom2 maps 1 through 9 on Skill 4 for them. Frans had his Doom2 manual out the whole time, watching for which new monsters that had been found, as well as closely watched my game. He noted the specific weapon use, the use of infighting, the routes, and the secrets. Shortly thereafter, he took the mouse and keys and began playing like a pro!! (well, almost).

 He needs some better equipment though, like a smaller and lighter mouse to better match his wrist/hand size and strength, and a good mousing surface. And his Dad needs to upgrade that 1.666 to 1.9 so he can watch and record demos. When he gets more comfortable with his config (WASD) someone will need to teach him straferunning.