BahdKo's description of: Galiu

DMcon2 picture, Galiu looking over  Konax's shoulder


Galiu is a Montreal native, and began as a keyboarder on local BBS's which included the Montreal Dwango server. He switched to mouse+keys after having considerable success as a keyboarder. He moved to Paris, France for a while around the year 2000, and now is back in Montreal (updated as of December, 2001).

Stylistic information:

To the best of my knowledge, Galiu gained his advanced skills under Sslasher and Burnout until he began his skill peak, which I estimate as beginning between Fall and Winter of 1996. During this time, it appears that Galiu began to at least match Sslasher's Map1 game, if not exceed it in certain instances (Galiu for example won 1st place against Sslasher in the Map1 tournament at DMcon2, which was in early September, 1996).

Galiu's playing style, at least in terms of his Map1 mastery before and after this timeframe, have marked differences. In the earlier time period, as he is seen in the DMcon1 recordings from early August 1995, on Map1 he was more or less still Sslasher's student, and his style with all players was remarkably similar to Sslasher's. When he came into his own, he modified this style to where he retained the care, calculation, and wisdom of the Sslasher type of play, but made his game move considerably quicker. My impression was that he would observe the opponant's skill level in game, and adjust the aggressiveness of his tactics up or down, depending on what worked or did not work against that particular player. This differs from Sslasher's approach in that Sslasher seemed to be consistantly conservative, regardless of the skill of his opponant.

I played Galiu over LAN many, many times, 99% of the time on Map1. I used to drive up to Montreal for netparties several times a year in 1997 and 1998.

On Map1, his style with me is like this. He is alternately conservative and aggressive, and very quick and unforgiving when it comes to following up on any mistakes I might make. He's extremely good at getting the Plasma, and this includes when he respawns in the spot in the hall facing away from the plasma room. This respawn spot is for many players the hardest one to recover from, but because of his ability to consistantly get the plasma from this position, the role reverses and it becomes one of his strongest respawn spots. His evasiveness in saving himself from respawn frags is extremely well developed, and his SSG hallway technique is excellent and interesting. In the SSG hallway exchanges he makes use of different weapons, but tends to finish the exchanges with SSG. He also usually uses the pinpoint chaingun technique when appropriete and he's very good at it.

Galiu had a good game on every map I've seen him on, including various Dweller maps, Doom2 map11, and of course Dwango5 map1. His Danzig 11/Dwango5 map2 game deserves special mention. To 100 frags he is the best player I have ever played on this map. This contrasts with Krusty, who is the best player to 50 frags.

Other details:

Galiu is 6'6", lean in build, and has short dark hair. French is his first language, and his English, when he's been practicing it, is understandable but retains a heavy French accent (as the years passed, his English improved). He is a fun, nice person and I've always seen him be quiet and meek while playing.

His PC for most of his Dooming life was a souped-up 486-120. The mice he used were moderately-trashy Microsoft-brand mice which were sometimes old and even damaged to the point of impaired functionality.

He warms up relatively slowly. Sometimes his entire first game will be off, or it might only be the first 10 minutes of the first game.

Want to see a demo? A recording of a montreal lanparty game between Galiu and Burnout can be downloaded here.