BahdKo's description of: Ismail

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Ismail is Turkish, and was living in the Washington, DC area while he attended college there. He played the DC Dwango server a lot (same as Ronbob and Kreuzin), as well as at local netparties. I don't know whether he frequented any of the Doom Galacticom BBS's in the area. I remember him mentioning at one point that he intended to return to Turkey when he was done with school, but I have no idea if that actually happened.

Stylistic information:

He was an extremely good local player. He had strategic and stylistic similarities to Kreuzin and Ronbob, which was to be expected; I believe Ronbob and Ismail learned key parts of their advanced gameplay while playing Kreuzin. When Ismail went to DMcons 1 and 2, he picked up some strategic pointers from playing the Montreal guys on Map1, and definately by the time DMcon2 was done, his Map1 game began to become fabulous. Unfortunately, shortly after DMcon2, he began to migrate toward Quake clan type games along with most of the Washington, DC locals (who began a quake1 clan named Clan Gib), and he did not continue with Doom2. This was really too bad, because had he continued and gotton solid reinforcement of his Map1 game, I believe he had the potential to become highly skilled on Map1.

Izzy also enjoyed Dwango5 Map2 a lot. He and I would make a point to play it at netparties. That's not to say that he wasn't just as good on the other commonly-played maps.

Other details:

His first name in real life was Ismail too.

Want to see a demo? A tournament demo between Ismail and Ronbob can be downloaded here.