BahdKo's description of: Krusty



Krusty began deathmatching and wad authoring in 1995. He first began playing on a BBS named DOOM HQ in Washington, DC. In the Fall of 1995 when he began college, he got into the IFrag scene as well as did IPX LAN dooming at the college. He became well-known and respected as a strong player on IFrag, and was accepted into Team TNT, the Doom2 wad authoring group that created the wads for Final Doom (a commercially-released megawad), Icarus.wad, Eternal Doom, and others.

Stylistic information:

Krusty was definately a one of a kind doom player. He was one of the highest energy players I have ever seen. He has no warmup time at all, he leaps into the game raging and ready from the first frag forward. His aim is absolutely unreal. His style is based on a combination of extreme high speed and practically unfailing accuracy.

His favorate kinds of games appear to be short 3-4 player ga,es. His energy level is so high in his games that he does not like to play much longer than 50 frags per game at a maximum, and he seemed to enjoy running through an entire add-on wadset, exiting each map after 20 frags or so.

This uncommonly high-energy style makes him fabulous in 3-4 way games, as well as on certain maps 1 on 1. On Danzig 11/Dwango5 map2, he is the best player I have ever seen for the first 50 frags of the game. After 50 frags or so, it's hard for him to maintain the tremendous energy level that he employs in his gameplay. Oddly enough, he also has a workable Doom2 Map11 game, which to me seems backwards, but it was true. Map1 play, even when done only mildly conservatively, was wholly contradictory to his style and he didn't do well on it. He was frustrated and did not enjoy it when we played Map1.

He was very effective and never stupid-aggressive, regardless of the high speed in his style. Even on Map1, where his game was comparatively lacking, he was never reckless. He was definately a Doom-God on his strong maps and in the 3-4-player environment.

Other details:

I got to play him at a small netparty at RedDragon's house in PA in early 1997. It was an honor to get to play him. However, his and my game preferences and styles were so different that we literally got on each others' nerves at times. I don't hold it against him, and it was neither one of ours fault.

It was disappointing when he moved happily and entirely to, of all things, Quake1. His dooming style was very unique.