BahdKo's description of: Morpheus

Summer, 2003 South Riding, VA LAN picture


Morpheus lives in Montreal, Canada. He speaks both English and French perfectly, and does web programming. He graduated college having studied geology, though.

Stylistic information:

I feel like Morphy has been around, just, forever. I first met him when I was attending netparties in Montreal (1997) when he was driving his first car, a  4-cylinder blue Mustang, and we seem to have met up for netparties just about every year since. I have had a number of LANs here in Virginia over the past 3-4 years, and I think in total he has missed only one. It's hard to find a batch of netparty pictures in which he does not appear.

To the best of my knowledge, he'd been playing on the Montreal Dwango server before I started lanning with him. He was a local dooming buddy within the Montreal group that included JFL, Galiu, Burnout, and Sslasher, so he's clearly been around a while.

He enjoys Dweller2 maps 9 and 11, Dwango5 map1, Judas23_, and probably some maps that I am forgetting about. He's not a map1 guy. I feel like over the years, over the various netparties, his doom abilities have been on a steady rise. I used to win more often than I do now, and it's not because of me having a problem. At the recent (2003) lan in South Riding, VA, he seemed to work himself up a downright nice SSG. In fact, he kept killing me with it, one-shot style.

Other details:

He had the nickname "Morpheus" years before the Matrix movies came out. That would make him the original Morpheus, now wouldn't it??