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Norway, 2000 picture


I met Mutator at the year 2000 Stavanger, Norway netparty at Andy's. Mutator is one of the local players, and to my knowledge has been a part of the doom scene there since it began. He's always been an enthusiastic and persistent LAN partner for Anders Johnsen, and has the quality that he can return to games repeatedly, with a positive attitude, regardless of whether or not he is winning (or how harsh the game is going). He's a map creator as well, and probably does a lot more interesting Doom things than I am aware of. 

Stylistic information:

I think I already mentioned that he has the persistence and good attitude to stand up to Anders Johnsen repeatedly, despite occasional large score differences between them. Back in 2000, Anders was beating him, on average, about as bad as he was me (50 to 15-18 or so). To be able to keep coming back to games like that, especially with Anders who has an uncommonly psychologically punishing game style, says a lot. I have heard that lately, Mutator has been doing better against Anders -- persistence and good attitude can pay off, can't they?

When I played Mutator on Map1 in 2000, our scores were similar against one another, if memory serves. The thing that stuck in my mind the most was his very keen single shotgun work. I just had to stay away from him when he had it; he knew how to use it and wasn't afraid to chase you down and kill you with it. Following him into the shotgun arena on Map1 without a BFG, once he had already picked up the shotgun, was akin to suicide. 

There are some recordings circulating around of Anders Johnsen annihilating Mutator on Map1. It may be hard to realize from those demos that Mutator doesen't desperately suck - - but the case is that he doesent. Anders was just on a major steamroll session in those recordings.