BahdKo's description of: NC


Summer, 2003


NC is from the city of Turku, Finland, which is about 2 hours from Helsinki, Finland's capital. The timestamp of his doom directory is December 11th, 1993. His brother's handle is Esox, who also plays doom. Throughout 1993 and 1994, NC was playing multiplayer Doom over modem to modem connections with people he found while lurking on his local BBS or at school. He would also LAN Doom and Doom2 with his friends in the school's computer room, and he claims that he used to own everyone :) .

His first internet doom game was played in March of 1994 using a program named ihhd, a unix program that would emulate a serial connection. The game was played with a player in the USA named Avery (it remains unverified as to who precisely this was; there is a remote possibility it was Truechamp from Annapolis, Maryland. He met this person on EFnet or IRCnet #doom). This is possibly the earliest documented transatlantic internet Doom Deathmatch game.

He took a long break from doom starting in July of 1995, which is when he went into Finland's conscripted military service. After completion of military service (9 months generally), he played a few modem games with his brother Esox, but games were infrequent. He returned to IRC and the doom scene around March of 2000, and began using Doomserv and Csdoom. On CSdoom, he played some of the members of clan "nm" (this included Adam_H, Henning, Adam_W, and probably others), and met Ocelot.

He and Ocelot played relatively regularly since then, and they have had several  LANs. He and Oce has been known to play many, many games at a single lan, and they record everything. It takes a lot - and I DO mean a LOT- of backbone to be able to play marathon LANs with Ocelot like that.

He's attended three international LANs so far: one with Anders Johnsen in Stavanger, Norway in July of 2001 ("Norlan2");  one with _df in the Netherlands in the summer of 2002 ("Nederlan"), and BahdKo's Summer, 2003 lan in South Riding, Virginia.

Stylistic information:

I played NC over the internet several times, and we also got to play LAN at my Summer, 2003 LAN. In our Map1 games he was strategically careful, thoughtful,  and tended to play to the conservative side, but was only somewhat campy. His careful and conservative approach is, imo, his strongest point in his Map1 game.  

Other details:

NC maintains his doom handle as "nc_ds" on IRC and elsewhere, the 'ds' being a clan tag.

At my LAN he was mild mannered, and just a really nice guy. It was hard to sneak a look at him without him noticing and smiling at you. It seems impossible to take a bad looking picture of him, too.

A smile and a nod of his head is his characteristic response to a comment with an affirmative answer.  People who have been around him a while will know exactly what I mean.