BahdKo's description of: Nemesis


Nemesis is an old-school doomer who started when he, and Doom2 deathmatch, were both quite young. He lives in western New York State.

Stylistic information:

I only got to see his Map1 play really, when I went to a small netparty at his house in 1998. He was a very fun game, we played many games and recorded a number of them.

Other details:

He looked way older than he actually was at the time. He was under 21 when I met him, and I swear to god he looked 30. His metal, thin-rimmed glasses added to this effect.

When I went to the netparty at his house, I was helping his friend named GQSmooth bring his computer in, and I was carrying his monitor and some other stuff, which was in a box. The netparty was downstairs, and as I was walking down the stairs, a spray-can of RAID Bug Killer fell and rolled onto the stairs in front of me, and my foot landed on it. I tried like crazy to keep my balance but it was impossible and I fell down the bottom three stairs with the stuff. The monitor was OK but the mouse was busted. It really wasn't my fault but I still felt bad about it, so I bought GQSmooth a new mouse at the local Best Buy.