BahdKo's description of: PVP

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PVP already had several years of background in Doom before I even knew he existed. All of this background stuff happened way before my time.

To the best of my knowledge, PVP was very active with a nationwide group of college students in the early days of Doom/Doom2 Deathmatch. They all used their college T1's combined with IPX to TCP-IP translator software called Ifrag to play Doom2 (and presumably Doom as well) over the public Internet (which was a lot less "public" back then). PVP was going to school at a university in Ames, Iowa, which is where he got his net access for Ifrag. He was also very active in the Doom-related IRC channels and their different stages of evolution, which included EFnet IRC #doom (back in 1994) and then eventually moved to EFnet #deathmatch.

Stylistic information:

I only played him a few times. By the time DMcon2 came around, he was, according to his own report, already passed his peak performance. He was reported by his contemporaries to have an excellent Map1 game, and was extremely well respected by the community as a whole. I don't know him very well and only met him once, the weekend of DMcon2.

Other details:

PVP is of Russian lineage, and at DMcon2 I remember him having a Russian accent.