BahdKo's description of: Ronbob



RonBob spent part of his time growing up in Brazil, and was in the states attending a college in the Washington, DC area. He has family in both countries, and his father owns a large business in Brazil. He frequented the DC Dwango server. I don't know much about his Doom background, but if I had to guess, I would say it was similar to Ismail's. He and Ismail were good friends IRL.

Me, Ronbob, and Ismail went together, in Ronbob's grey thunderbird, to DMcon2 in Ames, Iowa. Kreuzin was invited to come but he declined. We had three complete computer systems (including Ronbob's 21 inch monitor, a novelty at the time) and three people stuffed into his grey Thunderbird, and we drove in shifts. Ronbob had the first shift, Ismail had the second (it rained for part of his shift), and I drove the third shift, which started at around 3:30am. We got a hotel room in Ames, Iowa, and by the end of the weekend we had picked up several houseguests from the netparty. Czaple and Linx were among them. The pictures in the profiles of Sslasher, Galiu, PVP, and Ismail were taken at this time.

A year later, there was a large netparty we called DCcon, this was held in a large windowed room at a private college in Maryland. Next year, he was the main organizer of DCcon2, which was held at another, larger college, possibly the University of Maryland College Park. I went to both of them. By this time he was very involved in a well-known Quake clan named Clan Gib. The original Clan Gib was comprised primarily of the local area Doom2/Dwango players who were migrating to the Quake-clan environment. He is better known on the internet for his Quake/Quake2 involvement than Doom2. There were more DCcons after that, but I did not go to those.

Stylistic information:

He was an extremely good local player. He was well-known for his Dwango5 map1 as well as Dwango5 map2 games, and was keen on Map1 as well. The times that I made it onto the DC Dwango server, I could usually find him playing Kreuzin on Dwango5 map1 1 on 1. In the games that I saw like this, Kreuzin won the majority of them, but typically only by a few frags.

Similar to Ismail, he quit playing Doom2 before his Map1 game was 100% developed. I can't estimate how far along he was on the other maps because  he was too far ahead of me in skill when he quit.

Other details:

Ron is around 6'0, has dark hair, and the impression he gives you is that he is a happy, easygoing person. He smiles a lot.