BahdKo's description of: Spinal


Spinal's been dooming a long time. He was a top local player in the New York State area around 1994-1996, and he was best known for his Map7 game. He's fine on other maps, of course, and is pretty scary on Map1 too.

Stylistic information:

I didn't get to play him enough times to get a feel for his style, except that he obviously had a very keen Map7 understanding. He was strong on the other maps we played too, but I would agree with the masses in that his Map7 game stood out from the rest. He said that he used to play Xoleras and the other 1994-era doomgods on Map7 a lot, which helped him build his strong game there.

Other details:

Spinal has a persistant case of Carpal Tunnel syndrome that prevents him from playing regularly.

He wears a baseball cap and likes to play basketball.