BahdKo's description of: Yerac


Yerac is very old-school. He's based out of Mid-Western Canada (primarily Calgary), and used to play his very high-caliber friends (Timinator, Tower, and "Canadian" Dasa) in LANparties frequently. Their entire player group was extremely high skilled. He is primarily a LAN player, although he has been known to play a few modem games and, as of 2000, some CSdoom with select oldschool players.

Stylistic information:

I got to play Yerac LAN on Map1 in 1999. The thing about Yerac that is most memorable for me is his agility. Now, all  Doom-Gods have good agility, but as doom-gods go, Yerac was above average. One striking example of Yerac's control is this: in the middle of a tension-filled fast-moving Map1 game, he could begin a wallrun at the bottom of the hall facing backwards and precisely in the middle of the trip up, switch to a forwards-angled wallrun and complete it that way. The transition from backward to forward was seamless, and his performance of stunts like this was consistant. To play him on Map1 is to play a blur that you can never catch, and whom always catches you. Corners in hallways may as well not exist as far as his movement is concerned. Simply watching over his shoulder in Map1 is an adventure.

There's nothing quite like having someone wallrun past you in the hallway, do a swingshot in the middle of the wallrun and kill you, and complete the wall run backwards, all in one quicksilver maneuver. He was a very hard game on Map1.

Other details:

I  have exactly -zero- recordings of Yerac where he feels he played well.

Yerac is quite competitive, and was pretty hard on himself when he thought he was performing at 99.9% instead of 100%.