Spencer's Closet

Megawads get all the glory, but if you're like me you don't have time for that noise, so I figured I'd compile a list with a bent towards the smaller releases which often get passed over.

file author year game/engine
invasion: contamination chen / martins 1994 d1/vanilla
invasion: the upper decks chen / martins 1994 d1/vanilla
enigma jim flynn 1995 d2/vanilla
dystopia 3 adelusion / keränen 1996 d1/vanilla
dystopia 3 addon adelusion 1996 d1/vanilla
garden j. brown 1996 d2/vanilla
osiris payne / bostwick 1996 d2/vanilla
perdition's gate wraith inc. 1996 d2/vanilla
area51 keith hickman 1997 d2/vanilla
mordeth mordeth 1997 d2/vanilla
demonizd nokturnus 1998 d2/boom compatible
odessa14 bob evans 1998 d2/vanilla
artifact paul schmitz 1998 d2/boom compatible
crusades richard wiles 1999 d1/vanilla
slayer richard wiles 2001 d2/vanilla
equinox b.p.r.d. 2001 d2/limit removing
brotherhood of ruin kristian aro 2003 d2/limit removing
legions of hell 2 john gaughan 2004 d2/limit removing
songs of the damned iori 2006 d2/boom compatible
eternal doom 4 teamtnt 2008 d2/zdoom
awakening naturaltvventy 2010 d1/zdoom
dripfeed iori 2010 d1/boom compatible
arcadia jp lebreton 2010 d2/limit removing
vela pax mechadon 2010-?? d2/boom compatible
jenesis jimmy 2011 d2/boom compatible
vanguard skillsaw 2011 d2/boom compatible
double impact rottking / ralphis 2011 d1/limit removing
khorus shadowman 2012 d2/boom compatible
can't run from evil p1 nokturnus 2012 d2/boom compatible
visions of eternity tobias münch 2013 d1/limit removing
brotherhood of ruin: the lost temple kristian aro 2013 d2/zdoom
unheil lippeth 2013 d2/zdoom
monument chris hansen 2015 d1/limit removing
e1m4b john romero 2016 d1/limit removing
e1m8b john romero 2016 d1/limit removing
legacy of heroes gaspe 2016 d2/boom compatible
no end in sight naturaltvventy / xaser 2016 d1/limit removing
doomii: hellscape lutz 2017 d2/boom compatible
dark tide lutz 2017 d2/boom compatible
bad religion naturaltvventy 2017 d2/zdoom
dark universe p1 payload4367 2018 d2/gzdoom
adventures of square bigbrik games 2014-2018 gzdoom
doomed in space various 2018 d2/zdoom
preacher darch 2018 d2/boom compatible
boom stick in the mud naturaltvventy 2019 d2/zdoom
the realm of z-magic urthar 2019 d2/zdoom

To be evaluated list:
Hurt by elend
Verdant Citadel by exl
Phobos: The Doomed Moon by rustygold
Deimos: The Damned Moon by rustygold
Base Ganymede by Khorus
Cathedral by f0u
DBP wads
Monuments of Mars
Circle of Caina SP
Forest Swords
Coffin Curse
The Merry Christmassy Doom Project
Mindblood Genesis
Legend of the Hidden Tech