The Chaingun

A good weapon at all ranges, and possibly the most versitile of the Doom2 weapons.This is also the only weapon that has a technique which renders it capable of extreme precision aim. Other strengths are its fast repeat rate, its laglessness, and it can be used to physically move an opponent around. I have known some great players to use it to deliberately nudge another player into a desired place (acid pits, usually). Another strength is that when used accurately, it is somewhat blinding to the opponent because of the fast repeat rate and the flashing red screen, but the user maintains full visibility during its use.

Its weakness is that its damage infliction tends to be light. It is possible for a healthy opponent to simply charge and kill a chaingun user with a close-range weapon before there has been enough time for the chaingun to make a kill.

Except when the opponant is already three quarters dead, inaccuracy with the chaingun destroys its effectiveness and puts its user in danger. On the other hand, highly developed and accurate chaingun is powerful enough to be a valid weapon choice against a close range Super Shotgun, even in hallways.  


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