The Plasma Gun

A very powerful, fast-killing, non-self-injuring weapon. Its distance use will depend on the exact situation at hand, as it has a role in all distance ranges. Its strength is its fast killing speed, its rapid fire rate, and the width of the fired shots make it useful to both trap and kill in waves of it. It can be silenced by using distance, like the rocket launcher.

Its weaknesses are related to its strengths: The bright, big plasma shots can be blinding to the person firing it, especially at close range. The loud, repeating sound the weapon makes will cover up any silent-BFG grunts and sometimes rocket firing sounds that the opponent may be winding up. The large size of the plasma shots make it impact on doorframe edges and nearby walls easily, and there is no damage area around the impact site. While the plasma shots do travel faster than rockets (and faster than you can run), use at medium and long range can leave the player somewhat vulnerable to attacks with the low-lag weapons.


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