The Shotgun
(Single Barrel Shotgun, Normal Shotgun)

An excellent medium and long range weapon as well as a fair close range weapon, it also has a fairly quick repeat rate. It has no firing lag and no ammo lag. Its weakness is its close range handling: it generally takes 2 or sometimes 3 shots at close range to take down an opponent. If not practiced with at close range, it will prove to be difficult to aim, partly due to the repeat rate.

Players who practice their Super (Double Barrel) Shotgun a lot but neglect their Single Shotgun will find that their handling of the Single Shotgun is horrible. On the other hand, Single Shotgun skill can carry over into Super Shotgun technique without harming it to the same degree. You never see someone who is strong with the Single Shotgun sucking at the Super Shotgun, but you see the other way around all the time.


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