Theory: Map07 is possible in -nomonsters and pacifist.

Demonstration files provided in


1) Player Speeds:

Using the patches provided (applies cleanly to prboom 2.2.6) I deduced the following facts.

  1. Normal running moves you at 16 pixels per gametic. (100%)
  2. StrafeRunning moves you at 21 pixels per gametic. (131.25%)
  3. SR50 moves you at 23 pixels per gametic. (143.75%)
Therefore, for the sake of ease and argument, the following claim will hereby be held as true:
-turbo 143 = SR50

2) Doom's Z movement handling when related to falling:

Source code references: (PrBoom 2.2.6)

p_mobj.c        Function: P_ZMovement

Line: 385
mo->z += mo->momz;

Description: Your Z cordinate is modifyed using your Z momentum.

Line 423:
if (!(mo->flags & MF_NOGRAVITY))      /* free-fall under gravity */
mo->momz -= mo->info->mass*(GRAVITY/256);
Description: Your Z momentum is modified using your mass and GRAVITY.

Conclusion: Because your Z cordinate is modified before your momentum is, you spend your first gametic in the air levetating.

3) The distance and height of the platform (where the mancubus is) and the ledge (where the exit is)

The following are facts:

The floor height of the enclosure: 8 pixels.
The floor height of the platform: 64 pixels.
The floor height of the lowered platform: 16 pixels.
The floor height of the ledge: 40 pixels.

The height difference between the ledge and the platform: 24 pixels.
The maximum step height of the player: 24 pixels.

Conclusion: If you can run from the lowered platform to the ledge without falling, you will climb up it.

Other Facts:

The distance between the closest vertices of the platform and ledge is: 91 pixels.
The diagional thickness of the player is: 68 pixels.
Deduced fact:

The minimum acceptable player speed to cross gap in one gametic is (91 - 68) : 23 units/gametic.

Deduced conclusion: If you are lined up perfectly, while sr50ing, there is a extremely small chance that you will make it.


Trick rating: Extremely Difficult

Conclusion: Map07 -nomonsters and pacifist is possible.


Load up map07-1.wad in doom2.exe or Budko's PrBoom with -file map07-1.wad -warp 7 -nomonsters -turbo 143

When the map loads, hold the forward but down, and you will make it. Now try loading the level and moving forward a bit, and then running. You most likely won't make it.

... Now do this with sr50 in a legitimate map07 uv pacifist run.

Just for absolute proof, I also supplied map07-2.wad and .lmp . The lmp is a built demo of sr50 in one direction, and the wad has the player positioned in the exact correct spot to get it.

Given how much trouble I had making this built demo (and moving the player start spot around pixel by pixel, rechecking to see if it worked) I'd say that.. well... Good Luck!

(map07-1.lmp provided incase you don't have doom2.exe or Budko's prboom. Plays back with any doom2 compatabile port)

For more information please see this Anaylsis of map07-2.lmp

Written and studied by: Chris "Dashiva" Laverdure