NIGHTMARES OF LOKI 1999, was a megawad for DOOM I made solely by myself in 1999. It featured huge undetailed levels reminiscent of the 90's style of "regular joe" levels. I thought I was making a cool Hexen game before ACS scripting was allowed in DOOM wads, but it turned out to be a giant boring "cryptic" but overly time consuming spew of vomit that took in so many bad reviews you'd swear it was a Tom Green movie.

The music was voted the best part, with a score of -2/10 due to unoriginality. I borrowed MIDI files of alternative and metal bands like most did, and even had 2 tracks, the only 2 tracks I ever did, from my MIDI keyboard. The textures were just recolored to be new purple/green/blue variants. The enemy sprites went through the same process. I even asked my dad back when I was 14 (1995) to scream into the microphone and there you have the annoying backwards overly-amplified sound of dying in the game. It first graced DOOMWORLD and now WAD-ARCHIVE.COM.

All in all, as my excuse, I had just finished DOOM Chaos '95 which was still about as primitive as one can get. Plus it was just me. After the release of Loki and it's responses, I quit for a very long time on the Loki's Realm project I had going. It is now just a song/plot called Otherworldly.