There will be a few more modern maps as I find them and get things ready

Unicorn Palace was placed in a forum post for playing and recording by HAK3180. As you can see to the left, he wasn't TOO excited at its primitive draft but then again I haven't made a map at all since 2003 with very tiny exceptions. This is a gimmick map meant to eventually be MAP08 of a 7-map creation to be called "MAKE IT GO AWAY."

I'm not sure if I will do its sequels "FOLLOW IT HOME" and "SEND IT TO HELL," but I will eventually finish the beginning set. It all depends on how well received this mild jokewad will end up being. It has rapidly flashing rainbow tunnels and a rainbow fan-like thing at the end of a six-teleport hallway. Each teleport is a boss battle for a key to the final six-key door. It's mainly cake if you do it right, and I have been told more enemies would help it out.

June 2018