Welcome back to the 90's!
This is my gaming profile/site thing for both dybbuk and delehrious when I deathmatch/do multiplayer of any sort. the alias dybbuk was from 2000 when I started doing computerized music using Acid 2.0 way back when. My only release under that handle was defined static. I've had other aliases but in 2015 had help from a friend in coining the title 'delehrious' using my last name, making it more personal. I also owned at the time.

The multiplayer deathmatch games I do most are DOOM and HALF-LIFE 2. I used to play Quake 2 with my friend IRL back in the 90's and plan on getting the steam version of that to check out its modern deathmatch (as well as other source ports).

Lately I've had Second Life running in the background to talk to my brother towns away. You can shoot me a private message as I'm almost never on but a few minutes under the nickname delehrious and more info/profile stuff is on the right menu here.

As you can see by my ranking on zdaemon stats, I barely play that either, but prefer it to Zandronum mostly due to the maps usually used there. Since I mention this everywhere else due to how proud I am, I also with my friend Luke did the soundtrack to Buckshot Software's Project Warlock. The Classic DOOM Megasite Project will be my next web design focus after doing the soundtrack I'm currently working on this year.