Years ago, 1995 to be exact, I made a doom level that finally worked! I was just testing, but it worked! It was shaped like a Z (kind of) and zig zagged around to the exit. After this I still struggled. It was the DOS days, and those doom editors were a little harder to figure out. So I made a second level where I just changed the textures of the first level and completed a full episode of the same thing with different textures and enemies over and over and over again for 3 full games. I called the trilogy "Chambers of Death." There was also a wad called "Doom Battlefields" where I did the same thing with my second level. I of course figured other things out and built on to said structures with stairs, tunnels, and whatnot. I then created "Doom Nightmares" where some levels copied from each other but overall I started to change things up and had square rooms for a level or spirals and who knows what else.

I started "Chambers of Death 4: The Legacy Continues" in 1996 with a dehacked patch full of suprises (such as a plasma shot being a stationary object that when shot became a crazy fast imp) but the floppy became unreadable, so Chambers 4 was lost forever. You can consider these early wads just for testing. When I released Chaos95, an actual doom wad with actual levels that though still kind of terrible proved I was getting the hang of things, I put these early wads online as well. You can find them on doomworld if you search "ERLYWADS.ZIP" under filename in the /idgames archive.

I had since moved on, as I had mentioned, to Chaos95 (which had the structure of "Chambers of Death" now aka "Z Chambers" hidden in it) and then Nightmares of Loki 1999 (which also did the same thing). I released a remake level of N.O.L.'s Ice Cave, "Glacial Caverns" in 2003/2004 on idgames. It also had this structure. I have this thing with always including this structure of my very first level in everything, whether it's meant to be a high quality mod or not, it deserves an homage.

And now in 2019 I decided since I'm going to start modding again in the future, why not test the waters of the new source ports and scripting and whatnot by making a sequel to the trilogy now titled "Z Chambers."

Current Progress: 8 maps (download)