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One Bloody Night

One bloody night is a megawad in progress for the original Doom2.The original nine levels were created for a project started by Fredrik Johansson. This project was cancelled due to inactivity and I released 9 of my 10 maps for the project as bldnight.wad. I have now started working on a continuation on the original episode. All maps are doom2.exe v1.9 compatible (There might be some vpos if you play in doom2.exe in fullscreen mode, without the status bar). The ep2 screenshots have a sky texture that will not be used in the final version (it will probably be red).


Map 01 - The Abandoned Base


Map 02 - Stream of Death


Map 03 - Main Base


Map 04 - Warehouse


Map 05 - Suburbs


Map 06 - Dream World


Map 07 - Cave of Hades


Map 08 - Living Dead


Map 09 - Ashes to Ashes


Map 10 - Awakening

5% done


Map 11 - Hell Froze Over


Map 12 - Violence


Map 14 - Brimstone


Map 17 - Diabolic Keep


Map 18 - Dust to Dust

5% done