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Europa series

The Europa series is a set of single level wads for Doom2 and a boom compatible sourceport. I recommend using MBF, PrBoom, Eternity or Zdoom to run these maps, but most other sourceports will work fine too. Each map is highly detailed and features very violent gameplay in huge areas.


Europa I

The first map in the series is actually my first ever released stand alone map. It's themed somewhat towards brick and metal although there are some theme inconsistencies. With this level I tried to fit everything into one map, so it's way oversized and takes forever to complete with 100% kills. It's a good coop map.


Europa II

The second part uses the excellent gothic texture set. This map is also a very large one, with a castle-ish theme. It's very tough, especially the start, skill 4 is not recommended for non-veterans.


Europa III

The latest installment in the series is a madly overdetailed space station map. Some rooms has so much detail that a pentium III has trouble maintaining a high fps even at 320x200. The gameplay is pretty tough, but easier than both the previous two imo.