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This section is devoted to cool moves in certain wads. My definition of 'cheese' is this... your playing a wad and keep getting fragged .. you find out later that there are 'certain moves' that if you master can give you the edge in said wad. Your opponent never mentioned the moves .. he is therefore a cheeseball bastard ;-). Cheese also comes in many other flavors....
Hall of Shame (ifraggers exposed)
Known Mouldy offenders :
Known Jack Offenders :
Known Swiss Offenders

Feel free to add to this list ..

So how can you avoid being cheesed in that wad? .. you must learn the secrets of the masters..
Here be helpful strategic hints for the doom levels..I urge you all to some find good lmps and I'll put 'em here...

Map 1

Perhaps the most played dm levels some doomers are just awesome in it..a 1 on 1 game can go either way but if you have the right cheesy moves you can prevail. The following are some lmps for you to chew on..

Map 7

Perhaps the most feared of the doom dm levels .. how many times have you been fragged in this one and gone.. geez that guy is a cheesy bastard..check these lmps out...a move you can try in this one is the north south wall run..

Map 11

Krusty introduced me to this one...It is a favorite of the masters (NoSKill, XoLeRaS, Merlock). Some of the secrets include listening to the sounds to tell where you opponent is and anticipating where they will move next...

Still under construction but you get the gist...I will start adding wads in a day or two any suggestions?

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