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Ok Doodz here is the College Tourney Info.

Check to see who won.

The tourney was a blast, thx to all who entered lets do it again sometime >:-)
The following is old news...I'm leaving it for posterity
Which University will become the iFrag Doom College 1996.

Below is a table of all the college entries they are number 1 to 14.....
(1)Iowa State UniversityPVPBiatchDazedWe'll frag ya 'till you cry!
(2)Washington State UniversitySniperPicardDarroch
(3)University of MarylandPsoriacWraythMoatMonster/ItchyI frag...Therefore I am.
(4)Haverford CollegeTikimanHoserFabeExcuse me, while I whip this out!
(5)Villanova UniversitySoulCrusherBastardSubNytonWiping with leaves
(6)Cornell University (Cornell'22)KrustyHotruckCopper
(7)Columbia UniversityKasowMaTTaMCarnageThere can be only one!
(8)Western Reserve UniversityStrahdCubic_WombatNate_Dogg
(9)Penn State UniversityFreddyBSkeelsCommiWe are Penn State Fraggers
(10)I U PSHOCKERZ-manBocephus Don't take this ass whippin personally
(11)Gordon CollegeTheWIzKidBiotchBeavisOlympic iFraggers of the South
(12)Rice UniversityCloudKickerHenryDinoWe'll frag your ass all the way from houston
(13)*Representing Canada* University of British ColumbiaDOOMGODbottomlessPITGaiden You ask us if we have a god complex, Quite frankly we are gods, DoomGods
(14)Furman UniversityATPViperZeroedlnWe're not conservative when it comes to fragging.
(15)University of ChicagoScratchytbatbaTSB!- Team Single Barrel!
(16)Oaklahoma State UniversityFragMastrVivisectorHawkOld School fraggers

U of Chicago Will Now Play Oaklohoma State.
If any information above is incorrect please email me ..
The tourney will be in rounds.

Round One

The first round of the tourney will start sunday (april 1) at midnight. The 15 colleges will match up college against college. The Eight *winners* will progress to the next round. I have written a program select that will determine which college plays which. I will start a game on ifrag and some independant player can run the program save the results of the matchup an serve the result to me, seems fair. The source code of the program is available so you can see its legit. Ok on to the match ups ... For each college head to head 10 games will be played. Nine 1 on 1's and one fragfest featuring 2 players from each college. These matches *must* be played before Sunday midnight April 8th. If a college misses any games its opponent *automatically* progresses to the next round,I urge y'all to try and play all the games so we get a fair result. Note: If all the games are complete before April 8th then we shall progress to the second round.
Ok i was on ifrag at 10:34 sunday night and met with Krusty, Psoriac, Wrayth and Dinner .. Dinner who is not in the tourney ran the select program and here are the first round colleges...
v I U P
University of Maryland v Washington State University
Furman University v Iowa State University
Villanova University v Rice University
Haverford College v Gordon College
Penn State University v Columbia University
Western Reserve University v Cornell University (Cornell'22)
University of Chicago v Oaklahoma State University

Here are the results Dinner got from select.exes output.

Ladies and Gentlemen We have some winners.....

Round Two

Here are the match ups for Round 2. Thanks to Lisa for running the selection program.

Iowa State University v Oaklahoma State University
Cornell University (Cornell'22) v Haverford College
University of British Columbia v University of Maryland
Villanova University v Columbia University

Here are the results Lisa got from select.exes output.
These remaining 8 teams will match up to produce the final four. ..the round will continue until April 14th (Sunday Midnite). The remaining Teams will progress to the final four. UPDATE 15/4/1996: The Games will be extended 'til monday midnight(wc), some players had exams and others actually had to attend class and do homework (yeah go figure). See results page for latest.

Ve have de winners ...


The Final Four

Who will play who will be determined by number of points scored in round 2..Highest scoring points play least scoring points and the remaining two face off, like basketball (I think :)). The colleges will agree on a wad or a DOOM ][ level of *their* choice. If they can't decide then I will pick one (or write one and we don't want that :)). Games will start Tuesday 4/16 ..if you have exams or other college stuff don't let the tourney interfere ... e-mail me you schedule or any conflicts you have and I'll try and organise the games around it.

Here are the matchups for the final four.....
Iowa State university (9 points) v Columbia State University (25 points)
University of MaryLand (10 points) v Cornell University (Cornell '22) (13 points)

oooooooooooo....man 8-)

The Final

The final will take place a yet to be determined date. All of iFrag will be on the bleachers cheering on their favorite players, as the final 2 teams face of for the supreme title of Ifrag Doom College 1996. The winning college will receive a "trophy" you ask yourself "A trophy from Doc!! Wonder what that will be, I hope its not a dead bat again.". The three players from the winning college must be worshiped, (sacraficing virgins to the ifrag God is acceptable) for they are the Ultimate Doomers.


Ok here are the competition rules..any violation and your nick will be tarnished on ifrag, not that isnt' already 8-D.