January 31, 2001 - "Hackers"


    Someone had written "The black csdoom launcher" which allows to kick the players. The author of the program also said that he would write a program soon which will crash any server. I know who made this program of course. He hates me and he thinks that he's a great coder. But he's not! I looked at the csdoom source code and found some serious mistakes. It took only five minutes to write a client which can crash ALL csdoom servers in the world! When I was coding csdoom, I didn't think that someone will try to hack it... You can read more about "The black launcher" at the author's page, at the doomworld forum and at the Slayer's page.

    I'm looking for other mistakes now. I think, the patch which fixes this problem will be released within the next two days. If I don't release it now, it will be released in 1-2 weeks. (I leave Moscow soon and I won't be able to code.)

    I suppose, you have already noticed that I don't update csDoom page very often. I don't have time to code csDoom :-( The project will be closed after I fix that security problem. I know that author of the black csdoom launcher will say: "Good riddance". He said it already and he will say it again. But many other doomers don't think so... I hope someone will continue the csdoom project. Maybe Randy Heit (ZDoom author) will do it. When I started to code csDoom, Randy wrote me a letter, and we decided that when I make a stable client/server protocol, he will use it in ZDoom. 

    I can write a stable csDoom version, but I need to rewrite the entire code. It's the only way to fix all bugs. When I started to work on the project I was not a good coder, I made many mistakes... Now I code much better. I know how to code opengl (do you remember, I tried to write an opengl doom port?), directx, d3d, tcp/ip (csdoom). I know how to make AI (DoomBot). And now I'm learning assembler. So I know everything to start coding something more interesting than csDoom. A game, for example.

    A few month ago, I started to write a 3d engine. Then I found a friend who wanted to help me... It's only the beginning, but we already have something what looks better than Quake3 and what works faster than Quake3. It's optimized for hardware T&L and renders about 5 millions triangles per second... We're going to open a web site soon. I'll put a link here of course and you will see some screenshots and maybe a demo... 

    I won't code csDoom anymore but I will never forget the best 3d game - Doom!


December 4, 2000 - Fragstats


    I didn't think that so many players still play csDoom. I uploaded csDoom v0.7 and launched the server "PDC(rus)". The first player joined in 20 minutes. This server was almost full in an hour! It worked for some hours then, I suppose, it crashed. I made a fragstats page for it. Guess, who was the best player. No, it wasn't me ;-) Linguica. I didn't think that he played so good. I remember I played with him some months ago and he didn't win ;-)

    I haven't seen any server yet which generates a fragstats page. Why? Install the fragstats for you server! If you can host the csdoom server, you can host a small web server. Many people wants to see it. It's interesting to see who plays on you favorite server, who is the best player... Read in the csdoom.txt where to download fragstats and how to install it.

    By the way, cooperative doesn't work... I knew that co-op didn't work properly but I didn't expect that people wouldn't be able to play it. I tested it with three players and it worked well...

December 3, 2000 - csDoom v0.7 is released at last!


A new csDoom version is released and it's available at the download page. I've released  the complete source code for csDoom under the GPL as well. ;-)


What's new:

  • A new csDoom launcher. It saves the servers list to the windows registry and you can delete csdl.ini. You know where this file is... I think, you deleted it many times ;-)

  • Cooperative play. Cooperative isn't finished yet and very strange things happen sometimes but it works! I'll be glad to see some ultimate doom co-op server...

  • Added fragstats support. Go to fragstats homepage and read what it is. (Read about fraglog and fragstats commands in the csdoom readme.)

  • Many bugs had been fixed and csDoom became more stable. I tested it a lot and it didn't crash.

  • Switches work properly now.

  • And many other bugs had been fixed...

Go, get the latest csdoom version now!


November 13, 2000 - Is csDoom dead?

No, the project is alive! I work diligently on csDoom now. I was very busy and I didn't have much time to code csDoom. Then I worked on another project but it wasn't very interesting and I gave up it... I can't live without doom and C++, that is why I code again ;-) By the way, I bought a new computer a few weeks ago. Some of my friends thought that I will only play new games like Quake III and UT and I'll forget about doom. It will never happen!

I have already added co-op, found some mistakes in the code which caused "an invalid page fault in module DOOMCL.EXE..." I have written a new version of the csdoom launcher as well. It will never show you "....yyyyyy" or something like this. I don't want to tell you everything about the next release but I promise, you will be impressed :-)

July 26, 2000 - csDoom and GPL

Someone complained to John Carmack that I were violating the GPL by not releasing code for csDoom. I can't understand why he did it. I release sources, look at the download page! I haven't released the client for linux yet but I promised to do it as soon as possible. Here is what Carmack said:


If your code is based off of the original non-GPL code release, and you haven't incorporated anyone else's code that is released under the GPL, you have the right to not release the source.

Even if that is the case, I would still strongly encourage you to convert to the GPL and make simultanious source and binary releases.

The csDoom project is based on ZDoom 1.22 which is not released under the GPL, but I incorporated quake world code... QW is released under the GPL and I must release csDoom under the GPL too. I have the right to not release it under the GPL, if I rewrite all QW code! Carmack said: "It is a waste of effort to go and rewrite perfectly good code." and he was right of course. I asked some questions then and John Carmack convinced me that it's good to share my work so others can build upon it. The next csDoom version will be released under the GPL!

Here is the most important part of the letter for me ;-)

I'm glad someone finally made a client/server version of DOOM!  I expected it to be one of the first projects undertaken, and I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner.

July 25, 2000 - #csdoom

    The #csdoom channel on EFnet is closed. It was taken over again. It is the third takeover. I'm tired of it and I don't even want to get it back... I've moved to Dalnet. Join #csdoom on dalnet now! If you still want to chat on EFnet and don't like having two irc clients open, get pirch. It allows you to talk on different servers at the same time!
    Do you like a new csDoom page? NightFang made it for me. He sent me the page and then he left the csdoom team in an hour. We don't work together any longer. We could work well together, NightFang...

July 13, 2000 - FreeBSD csDoom server & csDoom FAQ

The csDoom server (binary) for fbsd  is available at the download page.

Slayer[nFc] created the csDoom FAQ. Read it before asking questions. I'm sick and tired of answering questions like this: "i get this message when i try to launch DoomCl.exe from its location in its folder: W_GetNumForName:STCFNO33 not found. I just need some help" or "does csdoom support co-op?".





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