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What next you far will he go.. you cannot stop me I'm out of control...
Anyways yes here be iFrag Bio's. Wondering how that fucker got so good, where did he learn that move, what machine does he use, etc ..look no further its the iFrag Bio's

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This weeks Bio (4/24) is from Scratchy
Scratchy hit it man

One bright and sunny day, Doom 2 came out. I got hooked on it right off. I played it non-stop for weeks - a kb'er, of course. Soon, I learned the ways of Deathmatch, quickly realizing that the shotgun was a gift sent from jooboo. I got some of my school chums to play me, you may have heard of some of them: Itchy (Dumbass), Psoriac (Chief Little Big Head), Wrayth (Lazy Lee), and Dinner (affectionately called "the whale" by Itchy). We were constantly playing the game for months. After a while, other 3D games came out - and we started playing different games. Soon enough, we had all stopped playing D2 altogether.

The day came when I found myself at the University of Chicago (the school rated dead last for leisure and entertainment). There wasn't a whole lot to do, but "da beast" and da bulls helped me through the first coupla months. Soon I found that I felt empty tho - something was missing. I knew what it was - VIOLENCE. True enough, I had been seeing movies with my favorite actors (dolph lundgren, van damme, arnie, etc.) but I needed that warm and fuzzy that comes with squeezing the trigger. Also, the Univ. of Chicago'er is ALWAYS full of 2 things: stress and anger. To release it all I figured I could 1) hang my roommate 2) bomb the house 3) play doom. So since I'm not a REAL psychopath (Itchy is tho), I decided the best way to release my stress and anger would be by playing doom again, besides, it's fun (Itchy would find shootin' and muggin' you just as fun). Anyways, I didn't actually start playing doom until 3 weeks before spring break, 2 weeks before FINALS. This led to a certain grade depreciation factor on my report card - but hey, I'm hardcore man. Like some unimportant dude once said, "You gotta make sacrifices to get shit."

I started out as "NRG" (my fav. kinda music) and was usin the kb. I was getting my ass WHOMPED by mousers left and right. Then, one night, under heavy influence of Mickey's - I heard the RH's dog talkin to me, "Dammit you asswipe peice of crap - the paw. Use da paw, dumbass." So I thought - dammit the dogs tellin me to use the mouse. So, I made da switch to mouse. I noticed immediately how much better mouse was - and decided it was da shit. Since then I've been following odd orders that the dog has been giving me every now and then.

I started playing every day for at least around 2 hours or so - sometimes approaching 5-10 hehe. I was so hooked at first, that I started gettin bag lunches from the cafeteria so I could play through lunch (talk about a junkie). By the end of spring break, I was a average mouser. I continued my hardcoreness and kept on practicing my aim. I knew I wasn't good enough yet - cause every now and then I would run into a ranked player who'd slaughter me. But with more practicing, my aim improved and I got better at dodging.

A while ago, I decided to switch to using the single barrel shotgun on command from the dog. He figured that this would improve my aim. Currently, I feel that in single player games, the single barrel is FAR superior to the double barrel if used properly. Now before you start thinkin I'm a dumbass, let me explain. In medium range battles, single barrel usually does MORE damage than the double. Also, it's easier to score a direct than with the double. Obviously, it fires faster too. With these 2 in mind, it's easier for an experienced player with decent aim to get a medium dist. frag. In close-medium range, the single is about equal to the dbl. Both have ads and disads. The single does 40-100% (variable damage) with a good hit, and you can get about 1.5 shots off for every shot he gets off, but the double has a consistent 1 shot kill, if you are accurate. If you are interested in partaking in the single barrel legacy - join TSB (Team Single Barrel - pioneered by me and psor) and start playing some games with single barrel - just try it. It's not as hard as it sounds. Also - keep in mind that my aim is not particularly great, and I use the single barrel somewhat succesfully against double barrel users.

A special thanks to Psoriac, Itchy (formerly Moatmonster), and Wrayth for whomping my ass when I first started and laughin and trash talkin me to encourage me :)

peace out

-Scratchy da Cat



Why don't I start with the origin of my nick - it was several years ago in my early days of residence when my friends noticed my rather large appetite and rapid rate of consumption:) One of my friends started calling me PIT and the nick has kinda sticked (even though my appetite has somewhat dwindled in my old age:). When I started playing on IFRAG and KALI, my buddy DOOMGOD (who many of you know) suggested adding "bottomless" to the nick to add a little more FLAVOUR (no pun insteaded:-)).

The first time that I played DOOM was back in '94 when it was the hottest game around. I had a 386-25 with 4M ram back then... needless to say that it was impossible to play even single player unless I shrank the screen down to the size of a stamp:) I usually played on computers of other dudes on the floor who had 486's...(on the keyboard of course).

Eventually a few of us doom addicts on the floor decided to build our own network (mainly to try 4 man DM). We all chipped in money to buy network cables and cards. Although we had a few quirks at the beginning, we eventually had 4 man deathmatch running smoothly. I can still remember the first time we got it running... it was pretty exciting and I recall that we played from Saturday evening to Sunday the next morning, about 8 hours altogether:) All the guys on the floor had a chance to try it and eventually we had everyone involved in DOOM from the spectators to the diehard addicts (like me:)). Of course, we used the network for more educational purposes (like transferring games, playing DESCENT, WARCRAFT, etc. )

For two years, Doom was a big thing on the floor, but all good things come to an end, and eventually everyone left the floor, going to different residences and stuff. Last summer, a few of us including Doomgod and myself moved into a brand-spanking new residence which had ethernet connections in each room (PRAISE THE GODS!!). Needless to say, we quickly got hold of IFRAG and KALI and were playing International Deathmatch! It was around this time that I started using the mouse, due to the constant frustration of getting my butt thoroughly kicked by Doomgod:). After many more hours of getting my butt kicked and being REALLY, REALLY patient, I started getting adept at the mouse, and now I can't believe that I ever used the keyboard. Nowadays I play on a P-90 (a far cry from my old 386) and even though as a medical student, I have a lot more studying, I always make time for a rocking game of DOOM:)!

Lotsa Frags, bottomlessPIT

Krusty Dood,

Sure, I was one of those Wolfensteiners, but back then I was too into Sierra games to care much. Then DooM scared me. Starting off as a Gravis man I flew my way through the first episode, loving it for the first time. A friend of mine found out how to get it to work over the modem and I started DM'ing a coupla' years ago. I thought I was rockin' with my Gravis joystick.

Then I found a BBS - DoomHQ in Washington DC, and proceeded to get hammered. Hmm, I thought, maybe the mouse has some merit. So, I tried it and I started to play some IPX at a friend's office over the summer of '95 and continued to BBS. I learned fast and by the end of the second session I was right up there with these old-timers. :D. Then well, heh, I went to college and HELLO IPX and HELLO iFrag. I won't forget to mention sub 2.0 GPA as a result. Either way I got pretty dern good at Doom doing it.

Back before the summer though, I started fooling around with DoomCad and asked for help on editing. I was really interested in creating my own level - sorta like a paintball game. Of course my first wad sucked, but I kept on doing it. Gradually they started looking a little better.

Then, I found TeamTNT - right smack dab in the middle of the production of TNT:Evilution. I just wanted someone to review my levels. I had no clue at first what TNT was all about, and since my levels were still pretty awful, I was a big-time playtester and reviewer for the team. I learned SO much from the team as Ty Halderman, the coordinater of TeamTNT gave me harsh critique on my levels and gave me lots of tips. Then I also found DETH - the best editor around! So, I made two levels for TNT2:Icarus - 16 - Bootcamp & 17 - Bloodbath. I was just so happy to be part of a team full of amazing artists that I didn't realize how much better I was getting. So go check out TNT2:Icarus -=- and tell me what you think I can do better!

The best person I've ever played would have to be NoSkill. I caught him on IRC at 5am one morning and asked him for a game. Well, even though I'm not supposed to tell anyone, I got him to call me. So we played his favorite level of all time - map11 of Doom2. I knew I was in for it when my screen turned red the first time and I had no clue where he was. My hand was shaking I was so nervous. I got it together though and killed him at least three times, but the only weapon I could crack him with was the BFG. I still ended up killing myself six times for the final result being 27 -3. I don't care if anyone says NoSkill is cheese, he's the best damn doomer I've ever played.

As for iFrag - Now I really love it. There is truly a brotherhood among the players on it - Not to exclude Lisa :). However, I do remember KellyJ at the beginning of my iFrag experience. She was some girl who posed in the Ivy League edition of Playboy. As soon as I met her, I knew I had found my new home. So, to all you iFraggers - thanks for getting me where I am.

Oh and why am I Krusty? Well, it's a rather revealing story from a scarred childhood experience. Hehe. Also, it has a nice ring to it.

___/# -MiKE MaRCoTTE- #\____
\# -TeamTNT-Member- #/


I'm not a newbie, except to iFrag. I played Wolf3d, and when the first shareware version of Doom came out, I snagged a copy and started playing with some friends (Carnage and Archer) on a pair of 486/66 machines we had access to. I posted a uuencoded .lmp to (I still have the file sitting around, dated Jan 27 1994) in which I finished E1M8, in UV, using only a pistol. Of course, someone posted a .lmp three weeks later in which he did the same using only a berserk pack. Talk about one-upmanship... :)

Heh. I remember complaining to my friends when Doom2 came out. "Man, this double-barrel shotgun really sucks! It takes all the skill out of things- one hit and people die!" :-) :-)

I first iFragged around November 94, and kept at it for about 2 days. I realized I had no chance when I saw Archer get his ass kicked by PVP. We started wondering if there might be a reason to actually learn mouse. :) Then the PCs got upgraded to P120s, and Descent came out. We played it on Kali for a while, kicked ass, realized that mouse would be way cool in Doom, and started deathmatching again, off and on.

Then Archer cooked up this ranking system (May 95) with an email interface (so you could mail in a game and the rankings would change automatically). People started getting competitive, and even people who hadn't played much DooM before started trying to get in on things. We played like madmen for months... :) Then in September we started arguing over who would use which PC. We weren't sure why at the time, but no-one wanted to use one of them. I was stubborn as a mule and refused to play unless I had choice of machines. People bitched and moaned at me, but I didn't want my ranking to drop. :) [Of course, that was because one machine was always serving, but we didn't know that then.] So, because of my pig-headedness, I ended up trying a little iFrag to kill time in late November, and the rest you know. :)

Anyway, primarily because of that ranking system Archer wrote, and all the games we started playing because of it, we've got 6 or 7 people here at Columbia who could conceivably be ranked on your page. Perhaps I can coax them into mailing in a few games... :)


Thanks man and let me win once in a while will yah :)



Ok boyz and girlz, my name is PeeVeePee, i am that bad ass mofo who kills you on ifrag mercelessly :) Doc here tellz me he needs some bio's so here i am, to tell you about me and doom and how we got along and what's happening in the future.

I started playing doom right after it'd come out as the shareware, remember, about 3 years ago. And believe it or not , i WAS playing with the mouse from the beginning - by some reason i hated the kb right from the start, so i used only mouse and 2 strafing keys, understanding of the run button came much later. Well, after about 1 months i finished E1M1 on ultraviolence and was ready for some more but i did have to wait - those id guys wouldnt send me my registered doom1 i preordered like 2 months in advance. Finally i got it and it was awesome, i spent maybe 3 months just playing , only on UV, and those were the happiest days of my life :)

After that the thrill was gone and i played X-Wing for a few months. I have not come back to doom till ....

Doom2 has come out! This is probably where all the fun begins - after playing doom2 solo till about level27 (UV of course) i gave up and started looking for some opponents. It was not for another 1-2 months when i learned about iDoom and started looking funny at those 386's in our public lab at ISU that were suppposedly 'on internet'. Pretty soon i was a regular in that PC lab , and it was upgraded to 486/66's class so i was in luck and i spent most of my Spring of 1994 (or was it 1995? nah, i dont think so :) there. By the time i started playing , the thing was renamed to iFrag and so i became an ifragger.

Pretty soon i found out that i sucked utterly compared to other ifrag players, so i started looking for some help, trying to improve myself. I met Biatch and Boltar then. They were Gods, they pretty much showed me around ifrag, gave me a few tips and i thank them for everything now. I also met Tree, T1000, Tai and others at that time, they were unbeatable. Hehe, i still use biatch's kb config and carry with me biatch's copy of doom2 on 5 floppies nowdays ....

The spring semester was over, finals were done with and ifrag became empty - i met Doc and Easydeath and Lisa and others, we spent most of the summer time together on ifrag, it was fun. It WAS a good learning experience , that summer. We experimented with ifrag, we taught each other dm tricks , we harassed Jay for not putting tics in the software - it was great! That summer was probably the time when i got so good - i did play like crazy after all, at least 24/7 :) Now, all good thing things must come to an end , sooner or later, so came Fall.

To my big surprise, Fall didnt bring more ifrag players that year, it was weird, i was crushed, i couldnt beleive i was still kicking ass on ifrag :). Well, i said to myself, lets go find some competition, and so i went to IRC (and that's where i spend most of my 'online' time now). It was all different on IRC , all so unfamiliar, so many people and so much to learn. I read about Merlock and Xoleras. I heard about Noskill and Chunkk, i talked with EvilGenius, Stoney, O-Sensei, Arcademan and Dweller, I played on dwango for a few months till my local company turned off my LD for a returned dwango check... and i must say now, there's a lot of REALLY GOOD players out there, those who dont have dc's but modems, and have to pay for LD(long-distance) to play dm.

I started coming to #doom(it is now dead, see #quake) irc channel and i really learned a lot. It turned out that modoom(modem-doom) players use all weapons , even BFG and plasma and it was a bit new to me, so i practiced. I started calling some really good players and after a few victories i had a rep, so people started calling me. The first time i played NoSkill(he called me, what a nice guy), on map1, he beat me 100:40 and it was then when i realised what others were saying about him was truth - whenever i asked someone 'why the hell do u think NoS is THE BEST in the world, he hasnt played everybody?', they would answer 'Play him dude, you'll see' :) He is the master and the legend though he doesnt play anymore, i bow before him.I was able to tie him in a choppy game on jroom38.wad which proves that not only SSG skill makes a player good but also strategic playing will only make u the best.

Now for your information, i have not played a few dwango players like Thresh( THE BEST right now) or modoom players like Merlock(sucks cock, the infamous doom cheater) but i must tell you, if you ever go to play a modoomer it's not gonna be easy, modoom players are generally better than ifrag players.

Right now, the only two players i havent been able to beat yet are NoSkill and Bryant(thresh's bro) - im not trying to say that i destroyed the rest but rather we had a close skill that resulted in victories and losses on both sides.

These days , I play mostly on ifrag, though w/o sound for me it's free - long distance gets more and more expensive now that nobody wants to call for doom2 games anymore - we played each other so many times, it's no fun anymore; and newbies dont call cuase of this evil QUAKE :)

I guess, that's about it for my bio. I just wonna add a few words of advice in the end. Learn BFG and plasma , they are so much fun(even w/o the sound for me). Start coming to IRC, meet legends and just good players (read: DOOMGODS) there.

If you were able to get this far reading all that crap i fed you, you are a real doom2 junky(as yours trully). :)

Have fun and dont forget to bring your own coffin to ifrag next time we play, PVP :)

EOB - end of bio

P.S. I have not mentioned many and many good players , from ifrag,irc and dwango. If you didnt see your name in the above document, you were not part of my life :)

Thx PVP ... also check out wad page for some of PVP wads

Heya guyz,

My name is FragMastr, and I will tell you about my fascinating self. I started playing Doom when the alpha version found it's way onto my roommates' computer (coff coff). After playing the awesome alpha, I couldn't wait to get mah claws on this bad boy. As soon as Doom was released, a select few OSU GPA's fell substantially by way of all night frag-fests :) It was so cool.... Hawk, Slacker, Crom, and Ospry wooping ass all night long swilling Ifragger's choice, Evan Williams whiskey, and blowing each other into stinky gibs.

Doom, by itself, made me feel good about forking out for a 486 dx2/66 at the time. (Also, I'm a comsci student so I had a good excuse heheheh). We were all keyboarders at the time, and as I recall I started using the mouse early on. Soon, being a Doom fanatic and scrounging for any/all doom related files, I came upon an AWESOME utility called TCPSETUP. This utility allowed you to play Doom over the Internet! Meeting on the IRC #Doom channel, select regulars would set up a game over the Internet and have an awesome time fragging each other. Khan, Tree, Calabraun, and a bunch of others I forget had some great frag sessions. Unfortunately, TCPSETUP was a very user-unfriendly utility, and often we would be faced with a black screen upon connect. A term was coined for this, BSOD: Black Screen Of Death. Calabraun and Tree would often ask TCPSETUP players to test out their new wads, and it was so cool being able to tour other people's own little "worlds".

I'm kinda fuzzy on when it happened, but Scott Coleman (aka Khan) one day came out of the blue with some test version of a program called Idoom. Frankly, I really don't remember what the initial versions of the precursor to IFrag did, but they were pretty much bare-bones. However, not having to put every player's IP on the command line was AWESOME! This prevented a lot of user screw-ups. I don't remember exactly when Jay (NoOne and co-author of IFrag and subsequent author of Kali) showed up, but he came a-fragging onto the IDoom scene.

Eventually, Doom2 came out and Idoom was modified to support it. Initially, everyone played map 1 and map 7. I swear, we had so many all night map 7 sessions, it was so rad. For some reason, back then people would not drop out of games as frequently as they do nowadays. This was both FUN and COOL.

Myself, I went undefeated on Idoom and IFrag for a looong period of time and I was getting a big head :). Anyway, for awhile, NoOne had a ladder (similar to Doc's). It was cool, but it was a lot more formal and took a lot more time to keep up with, and finally he said "SCREW it". I think the first person to beat me on Ifrag was Warp2, but I'm pretty sure he was serving at the time. Unfortunately, this event became not as infrequent :) Next person to beat me was Khan, during a tournament. It was like map 12 or something that I wasn't familiar with, and he fragged my ass HARD in front of a bemused cheering squad I had in my room hehehheh.

Anyway, Idoom became Ifrag, with 50 column mode and IRC-like commands, etc. I don't know exactly (once again, too much Evan Williams hehheh) when Khan got hired by Interplay, but Jay took over Ifrag and eventually came out with a more universal tcpip IPX emulator called Kali.

I think I met Doc just before I went on an Ifrag sabbatical, and I just recently ('bout 1 month?) started playing again. Nothing beats some fragging the shit out of yer buddies, and Ifragging is still great fun. I've made some good buds along the way, and I've also learned that Ifragging will ultimately dissappoint and frustrate you if you are too competitive. Believe it or not, my girfriend (who I met right around the time I started Idooming) is still with me, although we've had MANY an argument about my Ifrag habit :)

Finally, Doc has pretty much taken up the slack with the absence of Scott and Jay, so everyone should give him a pat on the back :) And there's TONS of fraggers who I haven't mentioned that I've known, befriended, and/or despised over the years. This frag's for you, doodz.

- FragMastr
Thanks FragMastr ..dont kick that iFrag Habit too soon :)
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