These are my personal reviews of dm wads I picked up solely from iFrag.
If you don't like my views feel free to frag me in the wad in question 8-).
I only like to review wads I have played in so don't be disapointed if you don't see yours here yet.

First seen on iFrag:4/23/1996
map 1
map 2
Levels:Map 1 and Map 2
Size:176k+(68k zipped)
Comments:Ok bit of a departure from the usual arrow look and feel. Map1 is a well balanced level with all weapons avail BFG usage is encouraged as its not to hard to dodge it. This rocks as a 1 on 1 level. Map 2 is a "strategic" level there are many different doors and plats that make different sounds if you listen you can figure out what you opponent is up too. So 2 levels I hope will satify both dooming styles. Playing a fast killfest then changing to a strategy level is kinda cool. Check out the rocket sound :). Have Fun. (P.S. Turn on Monsters for Map2 to add some flavor)

Score (out of 100): N/A

Quote from Psoriac During recent Game: "Doc, help me I love this!!" , hehe Thx man :)

First seen on iFrag:4/2/1996

Levels:Map 1
Size:<85k+(29k zipped)
Comments:This is fuckin' awesome. A great idea.. to play this you *must* switch on monsters /nomon. Inside the main building is a huge throne occupied by a cyber guarding the BFG, plasma and a MegaSphere. Sourounding him are several "deth" pits also occupied by cybers .. there is no way out of these but then again I could be wrong 'cos I never had time to look for an exit :). Outside is airy and the temple looks awesome .. you will notice several piles of dead marines .. If you look closely they have height!! Good weapon placement and DM starts this is a well thaught out is best with 3 or 4 players although 1 on 1 could be interesting. Check it out after a few beers for awesome fun 8-).

Score (out of 100): 95

First seen on iFrag:3/25/1996

Levels:Map 1
Size:<27k+(9k zipped)
Comments:This one is the total opposite of Master.wad a HUGE open space with nothing but rocket launchers...This is great fun you can just overtake your rockets by side straffing is it cool to watch 50 rockets travel along beside you :). When you spot your opponent its zero in on the kill time, he with the best spread wins. Play this, it really is alotta fun!!. blah2 is like master except its got chainsaws :-D, if your feeling meaty..

Score (out of 100): 86

First seen on iFrag:4/1/1996

Levels:Map 1
Size:<1k+(1k zipped yes 1 k!!)
Comments:Oh boy..master.wad at 638 bytes is the smallest wad on ifrag. Square room 4 rocket launchers .. total mayhem.. a sick mind thaught this one up .. a bit of fun tho ;). Try Master2 with monsters turned on a 2 minute timer 4 players.. odds are all the scores will be the same .. :)

Score (out of 100): 65

First seen on iFrag:3/22/1996

Levels:Map 8
Size:38k+(41k zipped)
Comments:Banes new Agonism. Man I love these wads :). Theres nearly as many agonisms as arrows but this one stands out. Cool weapon placement and dm starts, nice "feel" to the textures, smooth play ..this is as good a dm wad as your gonna get. A bit small maybe for 3 or more players but that leads to more blood which is a good thing :). Too many fucking barrels strewn about but they soon dissapear in in a hail of screams ... Also included in the zip is agonism6 and agonism7 they also rock .. I suggest putting up all three with a 10 minute timer for a most enjoyable fragging experience.

Score (out of 100): 91

First seen on iFrag:3/24/1996

Levels:Map 1
Size:278k+(185k zipped)
Comments:This one is a lotta fun, especially when you die hehhe (check it out). Not too big for 1 on 1 and cool for 4Way. Very well put together a joy to frag in.Also in the Zip are included 2 sound wads Dune2.wad and Shock2.wad these are great with MIDI and enhance the levels playability.

Score (out of 100): 83

First seen on iFrag:3/23/1996

Levels:Map 1
Size:32k+(13k zipped)
Comments:This is a cool wad! Its perfect for 1 on 1 and has a nice balanced feel reminiscent of map 1, a 4 way may be a frag fest :) . Although the texture change between the different areas is a bit odd it definitely looks good. I like the fact you can keep moving while changing heights. Grab this check it out .. I'm looking forward to Jakes next one.

Score (out of 100): 81

First seen on iFrag:3/22/1996

Levels:Map 1
Size:28k+(10k zipped)
Comments:Latest in the arrow series. The staircase in the center rocks, check it out.

Score (out of 100): N/A

First seen on iFrag:3/12/1996

Levels:Map 1/2/3
Author:Jerms Cosmo69 (+others)
Comments:This wad has a great new concept, many levels within one level. What does that mean..well you enter the wad and are confronted with a list of levels and a bunch of doorways. You choose level to play and enter the doorway with players. The next thing you see are 5 deathmatch teleports, pick one and you are in the level. Once a level is chosen all the others are blocked off. This idea is really cool but unfortunately most of the levels just plain suck. I checked out all the map 1 levels and "Whoopings" was perhaps the only good one, Hersey map 2 is ok but not as good a dwango6 map1. Love the idea and am thinking of implementing something similar for ifrag. I recommend you *TRY* this wad cos of the new way of organising the levels map 2 and 3 and let me know what you think.

Score (out of 100): 55

First seen on iFrag:2/26/1996

Levels:Map 1
Size:28k+(10k zipped)
Comments:New Arrow. Check it out. There is a BFG in this one (behind me in the gif) Plasma is available at skill level 3 (whos plays at 3?).

Score (out of 100): N/A
Quote From Strahd : "Probably the best DM level I've ever seen" , wowza :)

First seen on iFrag:A long Time Ago

Levels:Map 1
Size:33k+(11k zipped)
Author:Geosan (Formally Geo)
Comments:I recently played this blast from the past and felt compelled to review it here cos it rocks. This is the ultimate in dm wads, tight yet flowing [sounds erotic :)]. Three fragging areas deviously linked and 2 "cubby" holes make for some "interesting" frags. Unfortunatly in the original the exit didn't work (you cannot leave muhahaha) so I fixed it hence the a on the end. (Hope you dont mind Geo)

Score (out of 100): 93

First seen on iFrag:2/22/1996

Levels:Map 1 or Map 2
Size:93k+(66k zipped)
Comments:Follow up the awesome fastdm.wad. This one rocks me too babee. It features the usual Cabal wierdness (dubious skylines, reversed tranparent grating textures, ponds). It has a nice circular flow, cool weapon placement and deathmatch starts. The outstanding feature (that made fastdm famous) is the trip to get the plasma, this is awesome (I keep practicing but fly of the edge of that last pillar) you try it :). The zip contains 2 others of Cabal R0TT1 and KRoom38 also excellent. Dl Now.

Score (out of 100): 90

First seen on iFrag:2/9/1996

Levels:Map 1
Size:24k+(8k zipped)
Comments:Latest wad in the PV series. I asked PVP what happened to PV7 and PV8.. "pv7 was single play and pv8 sucked he said." hehe. Well this one is cool, a huge jump in design layout from the other wads. The balance is great, that is fragging takes place all over the wad. Be it in the pool, over the bridge, across the river of blood, through the forest or trying to get the plasma (one end of the river) it rocks. Here's one, the BFG is easily accessible but there are lots of places to shield yourself from green rays, so I think its ok to be liberal with it in this wad. Grab it and get some BFG practice in or play 1 on 1 and think to yourself "now where the fuck (can I still say fuck?) is that bastard...Bam!" :)

Score (out of 100): 92

First seen on iFrag:1/27/1996

Levels:Map 5
Size:45k+(15k zipped)
Comments:New one in the Agonism series check it out. Great for dm action. You can zip in and out of the many areas yet the wad doesn't feel clostrophobic. The real treat is trying to get the damn BFG and plasma Bane has come up with a perfect match of skill an luck. The center area contains the BFG and plasma and has floors that lower and raise out of sync, fortunately you are protected while you try to get the weapons. I like this a lot get it and play it.

Score (out of 100): 94

First seen on iFrag:1/18/1996

Levels:Map 1
Size:20k+(16k zipped both arrows)
Comments:Latest in the arrow series fast fragging action.Arrow11 has no Plasma, Arrow11a does but its hidden somewhere in the exit tunnel (not saying where). There is also a BFG in both behind a secret door (see gif). This is a fun one.

Score (out of 100): N/A

First seen on iFrag:1/14/1996

Levels:Map 1
Size:300k+(155,267 zipped)
Author:Mancer (I Think)
Comments:This is a cool wad. The textures are aligned beautifully in a vortpak kinda feel. DM play is fast as the size is just right for any number of players.

Score (out of 100): 91

First seen on iFrag:1/3/1996

Levels:Map 1 thru 19
Size:827,522 (337,907 zipped)
Author:Put together by PVP, many authors,2 by me ;)
A Collection of the most popular levels on iFrag, this is a must have. Some of Docs top ten wads appear in this one some of the levels include classics such as Scraba2a (shown), Polyspon, Justice1, Arrow18/16, Jroom38. I heard reports that sometimes it crashes. let me know if this happens to you.
Score (out of 100): 95

First seen on iFrag:1/2/1996

Levels:Map 1
Number 6 in the PV series (1/2/4/5 were experimental) check out PV3. This is a cool wad for dm, but requires some practice learning the layout. The layout is balanced so fragging takes place all over the wad not just in one area. Watch out for the "PVP plasma trap" to get out of the plasma area press any of the low walls. A cool idea in this one is that when someone tries to get the plasma rifle a platform is lowered elsewhere in the wad revealing the BFG. Makes you think twice about going for plasma 8-). Be careful about pressing the switch near the rocket tower it is the exit (exit sign is one the wall) there is a slight texture mismatch there.
Score (out of 100): 86

First seen on iFrag:12/24/1995

Levels:Map 4
Number 4 in the agonism series, check out 1 and 3 (havnt seen 2). This is the best in the series so far I like the outdoor post battlefield setting. Remember to set for Map 4. The only problem is the damn trees near the rocket launcher Plasma is hard to get.
You will find some nice armour hidden in the exit. Nice texture work on the demolished building (kewl).
Score (out of 100): 88

First seen on iFrag:12/26/1995

Levels:map 1
Map 1This sucks. Who ever wrote this either lives in a hotel or has a very rich Daddy!! Weapons are hard to find and far away from the dm starts. Level is too big and requires no skill sorry I hate this..!
Score (out of 100): 13

First seen on iFrag:12/12/1995

Levels:Map 1 and 2
A lot of work went into these two levels, the textures blend beautifully.
Map 1 is a bit complex for dm, there is not a lot of weapons

Map 2
this is a bit big for dm. Good for a 4 way game. The automatic doors are cool.
Score (out of 100): 64

First seen on iFrag:12/10/1995

Levels:map 1
Map 1Is pretty fun. There is an areana in the middle where most of the fragging takes place. I believe I first saw this on as a Hexen wad!!! The design is pretty plain and there is bit too much brown.
Score (out of 100): 59


First seen on iFrag:12/10/1995
Levels: Map 1
Map 1contains 4 rooms that are interconnected. There is good visability and all weapons except BFG.
Good level for quick 1 on 1 match (to 20 frags). Great level for a 4 way frag fest.
Score(out of 100):N/A


First seen on iFrag:12/07/1995
Levels:24 (Map 1 to 24)
Author:Lots of fraggers (Woop,Tree ..others contact me)
Map 1 which was w00p.wad is very cool for ALT dm. This one is another hacked DOOM ][ map1 wad but it works quite well. The BFG is on top of a brown pillar in the area beside the steps with the rocket at the bottom. The plasma rifle and a backpak are under the cream pillars in the area where the exit is. Map 2 is part of Tree's flamelev, a good wad although plasma tends to be used a lot due to the darkness. Its good to be brown in this one. Map 3 is new to me but I found it very playable after a while. There is a slime fall that you can hide behind and frag un-suspecting doomers, you can also lob a rocket into it from the other side on the off chance there might be a "camper" behind it. If there is the frag satisfaction factor (FSF) is in the high ninties. I will add reviews for the other levels if I play them.
Score (out of a 100): 78

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