December 12, 2014

update [jan-28-2015]: there was an issue that on maps 2 & 3, the inventory would reset [pistol start] but its been fixed. its all my fault :)

seems that the Hatomo Battles the Yomi Demons file on idgames was updated after all, its just that the txt file is the older one. thats it. link below.

download hatomo battles the yomi demons v2 [idgames archive]

August 24 , 2014

an updated version of Hatomo Battles the Yomi Demons has been sent to the idgames archives and it should appear there soon. but if you want to download it right now, you can find the link below.

the changes are simple, but the maps with the biggest fixes are the later ones. you can find notes of them on the txt, and in case you want to see the original release, its included on the zip as well. [a zip inside a]

progress on the zdoom episode has stopped, but thats pretty normal. i seem to get into mapping every year for just a couple of months. sometimes just a few weeks, so for that thing to be released its going to take ages. if i remember, i'll update this page again in the future with screenshots of it.

download hatomo battles the yomi demons v2

read txt file

May 25 , 2014

it feels like ages since i've written anything in here. but that changes today, with a link to an awesome dude who does wads playthroughs :)

but in other news, if anyone cares to read this, still working on the zdoom episode and its going very, very slow. also, doing some other maps as well. kinda like a spiritual sequel to hatomo battles the yomi demons. so far the maps are much, much better than the ones on hatomo, at least my stuff it is :D

January 21 , 2013

something made me install worldcraft and play around with quake. dont know if i'll ever finish what i started, but so far i'm getting things done, but slowly.

screenshot editor
screenshot ingame
screenshot ingame
screenshot ingame

March 27 , 2012

nice to see back from the dead :) i was afraid it was gone forever. hehe. and just in time for this update that i dont think anyone will read.

sometime last year i started using the svn builds of zdoom. and i also got the doom builder 2 one as well. this way i can have 3d floors on zdoom [yes i know there is gzdoom, but i don't like it. i'm picky like that] and with the svn build of db2, i can use the funky 3d view and edit 3d floors without having to jump into the game and check if things are working right or not. :)

i also converted the maps to the udmf format. i don't know how compatible with other ports this is going to be, since i'm using acs and decorate as well [and maybe some zdoom only features as well?] so i guess its just a zdoom only thing. gzdoom compatibility is obvious. the only issue i have on gzdoom is that transparencies on flats are, well, transparent. because i have some drainage details on the floors in a map, you can see into the void. zdoom only displays a solid black. this might be annoying to whoever plays the maps with gzdoom. that is, if its ever finished.

progress has been slow, but the first two levels are probably 90% done. that's just a guess. game play needs to be added and lots of polish/details as well. so far these two are the most complete of the bunch.

it seems that these days, i'm too lazy to add game play to the maps. i can easily work on the levels themselves but adding enemies feels a lot like work. :)

if i ever get this project done, then i'll start the heretic/hexen one [i merged both into a single heretic wad] and then strife would be the last one. i'm sure that i'll have all of this done by 2025 or something, seeing how slow i am at mapping these days. so far i only have scraps for both of these projects.

go to the projects page and click on the smoking dog to see new screenshots. sorry about the heavy jpg compressed. too lazy to re-take the screenshots and upload not so crappy ones. like i said above, the first two maps are somewhat 90% done, the rest need a lot of polish and details, like say map05 being very empty and its still in a very early stage.

March 17 , 2011

there hasn't been much progress on the zdoom episode. i tried writing a few songs but for some reason i cant get anything that i like for the maps, and the few that i did like just don't fit. then i thought of not having songs, but loads of ambient sounds and somehow make that into some funky stuff, but i'm just too lazy.

there has been lots of progress since early 2010 though, but not much. took a screenshot of an old version of map02 and what i have so far.

old - new

the area on the right was re-done from scratch, and more detail has been added, though it still has a long way to go. i'm still not sure how to do the ending, and how to do the start area.

there is a new map of mine out, though it feels very old to me. its part of doom 2 unleashed, and its map 16. Paul Corfiatis named the map The Spooked. this is the boom version, and hopefully the zdoom one for the episode will be much different, yet similar [of course]. so think of it as a preview maybe? :)

if you decide to download the megawad, try maps 33 & 35. those are the ones i liked the most.

oh yeah, my map also has a song by me, but its not that good i think. should have been longer so its not so repetitive. for some reason i cant write with the general midi sound. gah.

download doom 2 unleashed

November 11 , 2010

Gez sent me an email about the last heretic map i did [How to disappear Completely]. basically the exit doesn't work with the newer zdoom versions, leaving the player not able to finish the map.

the problem was that the line action [#80 script execute] had a map number of 40 i believe, but there is no map 40. and it also had a bunch of numbers on the script arguments. deleting those fixed the issue.

not only the exit was the problem, but the intro also faded out rather than fading in, which was weird. so i took that part out from the script. the funny thing is that the intro map [e1m1] has the script lumps, but not e1m2 [the actual map]. i don't remember taking that out from the wad itself, but its fixed now.

another thing i did to the level was to make the switches more visible, so i raised the brightness on them, and in some cases, centered them so they are more visible and not hidden in a corner. and Gez also told me about some spelling issues :)

i was very tempted to re-do a lot of things, but its better to use that energy in something new.

and one last thing. i cant seem to upload the map to the idgames archive, so if anyone wants to do that, you are welcome to do so. but i cant say i care to be honest, the new version is available to download right below this paragraph, and many thanks to Gez for emailing me about it, i wouldn't have known otherwise.

the map is now up at the idgames archive, all thanks to Gaz once again. thanks dude!



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