Satyrus Rubercolorarea

    Satyrus Rubercolorarea is a member of the Bipediacereignisa family of organisms, which is the classification for order Portal of creatures that walk erect on two legs and have a posture resemblance to humans. The common name for Satyrus Rubercolorarea is Baron of Hell.

Barons of Hell were encountered twice by the expedition party. Once was when several specimins were observed in the Hell Knight settlement (see the Satyrus Arenaceuscolorarea report for details on this encounter). The other time was an encounter in a forested area near the entrance of a cave. One Baron of Hell emerged from the cave and attacked the expedition party. While the Special Agents engaged the Baron, several of the scientists went into the cave, and found it to be an apparrent dwelling, complete with stored prey species corpses and crude wood-constructed items similar to the ones seen in the Hell Knight settlement.

Not enough information has been gathered to make a viable assesment of the Baron of Hell's lifestyle or reproduction method. It is theorized that Barons of Hell live a more solitary life than Hell Knights, and they have a relationship of cooperation (or possibly leadership) with their Hell Knight cousins.