Satyrus Arenaceuscolorarea

    Satyrus Arenaceuscolorarea is a member of the Bipediacereignisa family of organisms, which is the classification for order Portal of creatures that walk erect on two legs and have a posture resemblance to humans. The common name for Satyrus Arenaceuscolorarea is Hell Knight.

Hell Knights were found only one time by the exploration team, in a canyon area near a large plain where apparrent prey species were abundant. This group of Hell Knights had built a quasi-fortress within a section of the canyon, using pieces of trees and stone to form walls and alleyways. The team's vantage point was a canyon edge overlooking the settlement from above, and they saw what they estimate as over two hundred individual Hell Knights within its walls. There were also a few Satyrus Rubercolorarea (Barons of Hell) interspersed throughout the population. During the time that the team had to observe the group unnoticed, it was noted that the Barons of Hell tended to have a group of three to five Hell Knights following them when they moved through the settlement, the reason for this is unknown. Some juvenile specimins of Hell Knight were seen within the settlement, but the observation period was too short to gather data on their family life and means of reproduction. Hell Knights are verified tool users, as some individuals were observed performing various tasks within the settlement, including maintaining the structure itself and doing various tasks throughout.

After about ten minutes of observing the settlement, the creatures within became aware of the presence of the research team on top of the canyon, and utilized apparrent teleporters within the settlement to transport to a spot within ten meters of the research team. It is estimated that half of the entire settlement teleported up to the canyon ridge within 5 minutes, and initiated a large scale attack and prolonged hunt for the members of the research team. The team was forced to evacuate the area.

It is possible to draw some conclusions based on the observation of size variations among the specimins that attacked the research team, and comparing this with the previously-observed individuals which were involved in the Portal Invasion. There was no reported size variation between Hell Knights in the Portal Invasion. The individuals which participated in the Portal Invasion were apparrently fully mature, as well as among the largest and most dangerous individuals of the Hell Knight group. It is theorized that they were in some respect chosen for the Portal Invasion, although the mechanism by which this may have occurred is unknown.

Hell Knights eat meat, as was evidenced by the corpses of prey species hanging around the walls of the canyon settlement. It is believed that they are omniverous, as some piles of refuse found near the settlement contained both partially eaten plant and animal material.