Ferecercopsa Acerartusa


    Ferecercopsa Acerartusa is a member of the Bipediacereignisa family of organisms, which is the classification for order Portal of creatures that walk erect on two legs and have a posture resemblance to humans. The common name for Ferecercopsa Acerartusa is Imp.

Imps are extremely versitile, and exist in almost every environment on the other side of The Portal. They thrive in the forested areas, canyon and cave areas, and on the edge areas of large plains and swampland zones.

They live in large extended family groups of up to 20 individual imps, and the groups have a social structure in which the lead male/female pair funtions as leadership (or in very large groups, two pairs may perform this role). They appear to have a primitave spoken language, which we have not been able to learn or translate due to their ceaseless aggression. The lead pair(s) of each group appears to pair for life, but the subordinates are sexually promiscuous with members of other family groups when they are encountered. Juvenile imps are seen with the family groups fairly frequently on the other side of The Portal, but they are not taken by the adults adventuring into new areas and are generally protected.

Imps are omniverous. They hunt both singularly and in groups, and are opporatunists when it comes to prey choice. They are extremely aggressive toward humans, and attempts to communicate with them as potentially intelligent beings have failed. Humans are not prey for them and despite a successful attack on a human, they do not attempt to eat the corpses of humans they kill.