Demenstaurusa Lumanaqualisa


    Demenstaurusa Lumanaqualisa is a member of the Bipedfuga family of organisms, which is the classification for order Portal of creatures that ambulate on two legs but whose weight is continually shifted forward and the only available gait is a run. The common name for Demenstaurusa Lumanaqualisa is Spectre.

Demenstaurusa Lumanaqualisa is virtually identical in nature to Communisa Demenstaurusa (common name "Demon"), with the exception that it's skin is luminoreactive and it tends to inhabit areas of generally lower light intensity than Communisa. For information that appiles to the entire Demenstaurusa genus, see the report on Communisa Demenstaurusa.

Naturally luminoreactive skin is this Demenstaurusa's powerful means of primarily low light camoflage. The creature's skin bends light around its body at such an angle that it reflects roughly 80% of the visible light accurately from one side of itself to the other. The effect is visually confusing in medium and high light situations, and makes the creature virtually invisible in low light.