Conclusion and Acknowledgements


 Good luck in learning your skills.....this stuff is all of what I tell people who ask me for information and teaching on how to deathmatch well. The more skilled players there are out there, the better...Skilled players and newbies alike are keeping Doom2 and deathmatch alive and kicking.


 SPECIAL THANKS to the great deathmatchers who reviewed this document prior to its release. They are: Chunkk  (Edmond OK), Fraggin ( Washington State ), Fragmare (Columbus OH), Galiu (Montreal, Quebec, winner of DMcon2 tournament), Hellian (CA, Doom2 winner of 2 Fragfest
96's), Hoopty (CA), TrueChamp (Annapolis, MD), Xoleras (Tucson, AZ)

Xoleras for his Map11 interview

Galiu for his Map1 essay

Spinal for his Map7 interview (done for the Year 2000 re-release)

Specifically for material used in this document:

Tony Fabris for researching and writing the BFG FAQ;

S. Widlake for his newsgroup posting which documented the straferunning speed and angle numbers.

 My own acknowledgements:

 Xoleras, for posting recordings of him playing Doom2 to Since I was a beginning deathmatcher and brand-new mouser, and to this day, this Doom-God's great skill has inspired me to work hard.

 Kreuzin, a legendary Doom2 player in these parts who made it all the way to Deathmatch 95 as a finalist, and who didnt get his fair crack at the big guys who were there when his controller could not be made to work with the systems that were provided. He played me whenever I asked, and allowed me to record anytime I wanted. Through playing him and studying our demos, I learned many strategic and agility issues that were known by no other locals.

 Galiu, a seasoned and fearsome canadian player who learned his skills beneath the iron fists of Sslasher and Burnout. Galiu has great knowledge and insight in his game.

 Deathlok, for playing me day after day, back when I was just learning...and kicking my ass badly too.


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