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Doom2 Deathmatch Training Facility

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Most of this presentation is for people who are beginning to learn their Deathmatch Skills.
If this stuff is already basic to you, feel free to jump to the
 Advanced DM Interviews at the bottom of the page.


 So you want to be good at Doom2 Deathmatch?

 Overview of Facility's layout

Chapter 1: Learning the Basics of Skill

Configuring your controllers

Beginnings of good player movement

First look at the weapons!

Practice routines for basic weapons handling

Chapter 2: Applying the Basics of Skill at the Intermediete Level

 Building manuverability

 Specific weapons work

 A few tricks you need to know about

Chapter 3: Advanced Topics

 Advanced agility

 A few extra pointers on weapon use

 Some strategic considerations

Chapter 4: Advanced DM interviews

 Xoleras on Map11

 Galiu on Map1

 Spinal on Map7 * * * New for Sept. 2000 online release!

* * *

 Conclusion and Acknowledgements

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