Basic Weapons Handling

 This is all applied stuff, very little discussion here....for this section, we use the General Weapons Handling Area in the Deathmatch Training facility, its in the West Wing,, the second door on the right. Most of this stuff is shown in the demo named begin.lmp.

 The First skill to practice: basic fast/medium repeat weapons

 Picking up from where we left off in the Begin.lmp demo, we go to the General Weapons Handling Area, to the pillar in the middle. We use the chaingun, and practice weaving back and forth, and making some half-circles and full-circles with it, while trying to keep as much of your shot on the one pillar as you can. Do it from different distances.

 Then do it with plasma gun.

 Then do it with handgun.

 Then do it with single shotgun.

 Second skill to practice: beginning of super-shotgun technique

 We then take the Super-Shotgun, and stand a little way away from the pillar, with the pillar a little to one side. Then, straferun towards it and pivot the mouse a little and shoot it point blank. Then straferun backwards away from it, swerving away from the original direction you fired in. When you do this, you are making an arc shape in your movement. You need to practice and get comfortable with all of this.

 Third skill: Time to start some BFG work

 Practice with the BFG at first by shooting the pillar with the green ball. Try to get a feel for the length of time that passes between the initial firing, and the actual release of the green ball by the weapon. Then, practice shooting the pillar with the green ball while straferunning past it, imagining where and when the traces are hitting. At this point you could also begin playing with the two trapped demons in the BFG room, firing the green BFG ball at the closed doorway or even against a wall, and stepping over in front of one of the demons. When eventually you get some agility going, you will find that you can fire the green ball down one hallway and kill that demon, while straferunning over to the other hallway to kill the second one with the trace hit.

 To begin getting the basics of the all-important Silent BFG, practice what it feels like to deliberately push on the pillar, making the "oomph" sound. Then, attempt some silent BFGs by (1) getting close to the pillar (2) firing the BFG (3) quickly pushing on the pillar after you fire it. You will hear the BFG sound cut off when you push on the pillar. Keep in mind that the firing comes -first-, then the pillar push is second.

 If you have the opporatunity, get a friend to come to the training facility, and take turns killing each other with the BFG traces, like you would the demons. Play around with how you can kill someone with your back facing them, by firing the BFG in the correct relative direction and then turning around.

 Fourth skill: Some basic rocket work

 First, stand way back with the rocket launcher and shoot at the pillar while moving around, like with the fast-repeat weapons. (I skip this in the LMP by the way).

 Then, turn around and face the stalls on the other side of that room, and play around with shooting the rockets straight into some of the stalls, ideally without the rockets hitting the walls of the stalls. The white lines on the floor are not intended as boundries for anything, they are there for visual reference.

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