A few tricks you need to know about

Jump Height Differential Factors

 Using a jump down from one height to another, and its corresponding grunt when you land, is a tool that can be used to your advantage. You can:

 (1) use the grunt sound of landing to silence a BFG

 (2) deliberately jump off of an elevated surface at the same time as your opponent, therefore landing at the same time, thus disguising your location by letting the sound of his grunt cover yours up.

 The Basic Agility Area has a tall observation deck that is set up so that you can practice height differential stuff here. You should also practice on Doom2 Map1 in being able to make a Silent BFG as you jump off of the ledge.

Rocket Dodging

 Being able to sucessfully dodge rockets is important because one hit from one usually has you hitting SPACE to respawn a moment later.

 Avoiding rocket damage will be a combination of knowing when to get clear of an area that is being attacked, of successfully sidestepping and dodging multiple rockets at once, and staying clear of the walls that rockets are impacting on.

 The back of the Basic Agility area is dedicated to rocket dodging. You wake up the cybers and practice dodging what they send your way. It is generally easier to dodge the rockets the farther away you are from them. An important note here: it is harder to dodge the rockets when you have taken one of the provided blur spheres, not easier. If you're having trouble dodging the rockets when you're visible, dont get those blur spheres and think its going to make it easier.

 The goal isnt to kill the cybers. It's to gain skill in dodging their rocket fire.

"Bumping" for objects

 Sometimes, when an object is located on an elevated platform and you cant climb up on the platform to get it and you dont seem able to reach it, you can "bump" for it. This means that you run toward the platform and crash into it, directly below the object that you are trying to get.

 Bumping works in different ways from different angles. You can bump using straferunning or using regular running. Certian objects at certian angles seem more likely to be picked up in a straferun-bump, others are gotten more effectively in a regular-run bump.

 One point about bumping is that if you are bumping in one spot for an object and you arent getting it, shifting slightly to the left or right can make the difference and let you get the object. Also, bumping at the corner of a platform seems to sometimes make a difference.

  The most common place that bumping is used is Doom2 map1. That plasma gun can be gotten fairly consistantly in 5 ways, to the best of my knowledge, and those are:

 Ive gotten it from the south side of the platform by accident, and heard of others doing it before. It doesent seem consistant enough to use in deathmatch, from what I have seen of it.

 Another place where you can bump for stuff is Map7. Many of the objects on those platforms, before they are lowered, can be bumped for, and that includes the megasphere. One side of the platforms seems easier to bump for stuff from than the other.

 A variation of bumping for an object is on Dwango5 map1. This is the only map where I have seen this apply in quite this fashon. The BFG that is behind the grate can be gotten by standing in front of the grate in the corner, touching the grate, and straferunning angled toward it, more or less pushing into the grate. Theres a couple of angles you can do this from to get it.

 In the training facility, the megaspheres in the supply room are set up so that the first one in each row you can get just by walking up and touching, but the second one you get doing a small bump. These bumps are very easy compared with the plasma gun and the stuff on Map7.

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