So you want to be good at Doom2 Deathmatch?

Since you are reading this, I can assume that you want to be better than you are at Doom2 deathmatch.

 Im not a doom-god in terms of national competition, but I 've come a long way when it comes to increasing my skill. If this were the day and age of BBS's and numerous local players,  I would be called a doomgod by the local crowd. I've played a lot of highly skilled players, and I know from having done it, and from discussing it with these great players, what it takes to get great skills in Doom2.

 The first thing you need to know is that it is work. Anything you want to get good at will typically take work. While Doom2 is a "game", that doesent mean that building  skill in it is always going to be fun.

 It takes humility and perseverance, at least at first, and ideally throughout your entire Deathmatch life. Doom2 skill is tiered, meaning, there is a huge variety of skill levels out there. Right when you think you are well-versed, someone will show up who wins with a margin you had not realized was possible for you at that time.You must not be discouraged by your losses because you are of lesser skill. These games are the most valuable to you, they are the games in which it is easiest to raise your own skill through observation of the superior player's abilities and tactics. A great local player from whom I learned many things, Kreuzin, once said in our BBS teleconference relative to deathmatch, "Learn at the feet of the masters; then, become the master." This is how he began learning his game, and he took it all the way to Deathmatch 95, as one of the competing semi-finalists. That is how I learned as well. Respect and admire the higher-skilled people to whom you lose.

 The third thing is that it takes time. At the point when I first released, I had been working hard on my skill for exactly one year, and I was just getting to where, sometimes, I kept the doom-gods' attention on my best maps. In the past I have had great opporatunity in regards to people to play: Back in 1995 and 1996 I had a number of strong players around me to play with relative frequency. Not everyone is as fortunate as I have been in this regard. Those who dont have great players from whom to learn have the harder way to go.


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