Some strategic considerations

A note on strategy

 When advanced players deathmatch, frequently the winner is who had the best depth in his strategy. Individual strategies on specific maps can be learned by watching recordings of great players, but the ability to think up strategies of your own can't be taught. Strategy frequently includes knowing where the other person respawns, anticipating where he may go from having respawned there, and killing him with this knowledge. It means being unpredictable yourself, and identifying your opponants strategies and any patterns he may make. It can also mean finding ways to attack places that are creative, and finding places to stand where u can see well but are difficult to be seen.

 Use of left and right 3D sound

 Many skilled players I know, including myself, have found the use of surround-sound indispensable. Some sound cards support this, others will need an add-on 3D sound box to effect this, and some are incapable of doing it at all. It is ideal when combined with headphone use. If the sound card or box you are using is configurable, set it up to have the cleanest left and right orientation possible, although not over exaggurated or else the sound gets confusing. When set up correctly, you can hear respawns, follow where someone has moved in hallway SSG battles, hear when someone moves around or behind you where sometimes you may visually miss it, and even once in a while hear a sound that clues you in and enables you to make a deadly swingshot on the opponant. I wont even play without my headphones and 3D sound, and my map1 game blows without it.

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