A few extra pointers on weapon use

Doom2's weapons sights are misaligned

 The weapons in Doom2 fire slightly to the left of where the sight indicates. This is most noticible with the single shotgun, as its pattern holds integrity at long range, where it is most noticible. This is in the advanced section because if you cant control the weapon in the first place, you need to be trying to aim with the sight, and not bothering with this misalignment yet.

 Pinpoint Chaingun Technique

 The Chaingun, in normal use, throws out a splayed pattern of bullets. The first 2 bullets that come out of the chaingun, however, are perfectly aimed. If you tap the fire button while holding the chaingun, you can see this. Tapping the fire button to cause firing in this way will result in pinpoint accuracy with this weapon. This is in the advanced section because if you suck with chaingun when using it full-bore, you don't have what it takes to make much use if it in pinpoint mode.

 Possible concentration of SSG hit during sudden manuvers

 This is a subjective observation by a number of deathmatchers, myself included. It appears that SSG shots made while making a sudden manuver may tend to concentrate the shot, making it deadlier. This seems to include both swingshots and sudden direction changes. I've tried to test it with an assistant, and we had trouble proving anything. All of the people who have observed this phenomenon can't be wrong though, so there may be something to it. It could also work when suddenly changing directions from a forward straferun to backwards at the moment you fire, that or the USE key being activated (I dont know which because my config has them both in the same place). I have personally found that trying to make every single shot with a mouse flick like this only served to make my aim less accurate, but hitting SPACE (backwards for me) at the same time seems to work about the same. Its still only a subjective observation and is unproven.

 Some BFG considerations

 The BFG trace hits can be used in stratigic and amazing ways, when you build enough agility to move quickly enough to cover different areas. If you look over a map and see just how many areas have an area for the BFG green shot to travel down, and an area where you can enter in time for the trace hit to fire, you may see many posibilities for BFG trace attacks. There is also the potential for attacking the areas on more than one side of you at the same time by firing BFG shots in the right directions, and timing the multiple green balls to detonate at specific times.

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