Spinal on Map7

This is an interview done with Spinal regarding his Map7 game. It was conducted on IRC, and has been edited for readability.

<_BahdKo_> Map7 is an uncommon map in that it has a beginning phase where the gameplay is totally different than the rest of the game. Let's talk about how you handle that, and is it different as Indigo vs Green?

<spinal2x> When starting the first thing you always do is get the invis and run for the bezerk. Then, immedietly go for the megasphere. Once you've gotten those, you should grab a weapon by NOT using the switches. Some are easier to get than others, I found this out by practicing the map years ago trying to find which ones are easiest to get.

<spinal2x> This is the order I came up with from easiest to hardest: Chaingun, rockets then plasma (which is a bitch to get). Then basically just kill kill kill until the box opens up =]

<_BahdKo_> Are there also sides of the lifts that are easier to grab the stuff from?

<spinal2x> Yeah, At least it seems that way for me.When getting the chaingun, run from the plasma gun to the chaingun. For the rockets, run from the plasma to the rockets. And for plasma, either side because its so hard to grab. For megasphere either side seems good.

<spinal2x> After you grab your weapon, try and pick up all the ammo you can if you arent being shot at =].  But basically its all the same until the box opens

<_BahdKo_> okay, so lets move on to when things open up. Do you go straight for that new megasphere?

<spinal2x> It depends. If Im playing someone who is good I usually dont even bother unless I have my ssg and feel confident. =]. If I dont go for it I'll sometimes cut right to the bfg while they are going for the sphere. Im talking about if you are coming out of the central square area (the box), just to clarify it.

<spinal2x> But if you come from the exit space, grab that bfg an shoot it against the wall aiming at sphere. Chances are you will get an easy kill.

<_BahdKo_> ok

<spinal2x> Once it all opens up, grab that ammo so your enemy doesnt get it. Don't forget about the 4 health boxes if you get low on hitpoints. Also, once its open, it's now time to hit the switches, if they havent already been put down. This will make it better for you, since when ppl respawn in map 7 there are 6 spots, you just arm your ssg and hit them as soon as they respawn

<_BahdKo_> ok so lets talk about the respawns a bit

<spinal2x> ok

<_BahdKo_> Is your favorate weapon for the followups the SSG? I seem to endure a lot of BFG respawn deaths from you as well ;)

<spinal2x> Hehe my favorite is ssg. But if your aim is off just use the bfg, its a hell of alot easier when you cant hit anything.

<_BahdKo_> I guess BFG would tend to be Green's choice in a modem game perhaps?

<spinal2x> Yeah, it all depends on what you like.

<_BahdKo_> One thing you have mentioned before to me is the value in "tracking" your opponant, want to talk about this a little bit?

<spinal2x> Once anyone has played a map enough times you just know what will happen next. There are only so many things someone can do in the game. I mean, there isnt much to say about that other than if you play map 7 just always try to have an idea where the opponant is. And make sure they aren't going to get the bfg to make you eat some green goo!

<spinal2x> One more thing. Id say the biggest key to map 7 is respawn kills. Always be alert when the person respawns. Have your best weapon armed an be ready to get them. The most likely spot they will respawn is near the ssg inside. So, what i usually do is face towards the ssg area looking,  and listening for the other spawns in back of me. And try to listen for that bfg spot too =]

<_BahdKo_> :) sounds like a winning combination!

<spinal2x> hehe. Its all common doom sense whats you play doom for a long time.

<spinal2x>  Another thing about respawns: When you know someones about to respawn, arm your bfg and hang around the center box, and just shoot the bfg to hit the center box when they respawn and you get a instant frag. Also, when you respawn, dont run towards the most obvious spots. Thats how you die. Most ppl respawn an just run to the first weapon they see; forget the weapons and worry about your opponant who is aiming his nice big gun at you.

<_BahdKo_> does running straight out of center box area into the area near the outer wall ideal in many cases?

<spinal2x> You mean on respawns?

<_BahdKo_> Yeah, when you respawn, the center sounds dangerous hm?

<spinal2x> Most of the time its dangerous to grab a weapon in the center. Running towards the outside is good. But if your enemy is right on your tail maybe throw in a trick were you hide against wall an wait for them to run past you. Then, you book towards the inside. That only works like once or twice a dm =]

<_BahdKo_> haha :)

<spinal2x> Unless the person's really dumb.

<_BahdKo_> theres a few on Map1 like that, like hiding in the exit door

<spinal2x> yeah

<_BahdKo_> once or, twice, if that! no more :)

<spinal2x> I had a guy do that to me every single time

<_BahdKo_> oh. hah.

<spinal2x> I showed him the trick a week earlier, I guess he fell in love with it.

<_BahdKo_> yeah man, he had not picked up moderation of his new trick huh :)

<spinal2x> hehe

<_BahdKo_> ok so, lets see where we were.

<_BahdKo_> Map7 has an uncommon layout for a successful DM map, its wide open in sections all the way from end to end, yet at the same time includes enclosed areas. What tricks do you do utilizing the long distances in the map?

<spinal2x> Well for starters, as many ppl know, everyone likes to use bfg on it. When you load up map 7 you will notice ID included plenty of nice big old pillars for us to hit the bfg against, so the best thing is to make good use of those at all times. Its really hard to explain bfg angles in a txt basis with out showing it, and you cant always use one bfg angle all the time.

<_BahdKo_> Right, hopefully the people reading this have learned their BFG angles by this time :) but the angles are very significant in this map hm?

<spinal2x> Yeah. I just used to practice shooting bfg all over in different spots. Like say, if someone is at ssg at outside corner, and I'm near the opening between ssg and bfg, I'll could shoot a bfg at an angle so it would go thru that hole, and go into the other hole thats between the ssg and chaingun. Then, when I get to that spot, I do it so the bfg shot goes to the opening between the plasma and the chaingun. And so on.

<_BahdKo_> ooohhh i think i need to make a map of that one :)

<spinal2x> I would just practice that, but that angle isnt always the greatest. If you are good and time it right, the person will die -- unless the other person is good with ssg an kills you in one hit =]

<_BahdKo_> :) Thats the proverbial pressure cooker in Doom there ..

<spinal2x> In map 7 there really isnt as many tricks as there is in map 1. Its pure skill with weapons. Really to use bfg you have to have someone show you the angles, then when you know how it works, just play map 7 alone an try and figure out some nice tricks on there. Its so hard to describe it.

<_BahdKo_> Thats ok, facility includes the BFG FAQ

<spinal2x> Just stick to ssg an chaingun on 7 ;p

<_BahdKo_> Chaingun? Well that does lead us to the next question I was going to bring up, if you're ready?

<spinal2x> ok

<_BahdKo_> Well it kinda leads toward it

<spinal2x> Yes, it is the best weapon in the game

<_BahdKo_> first i wanted to ask about rockets ..

<spinal2x> =]

<_BahdKo_> Do you do anything special with rockets on map7?

<spinal2x> For rockets. Say if the enemy is running near the outside wall, and you know they are about to run by one of the openings. Just fire a few rockets towards it. Also, if I respawn at the bfg,  I like to shoot a few rockets down both pathways sometimes, just in case my opponant thinks they can just run to me easily =]. Alot of times its just guess work with rockets,  If you think someone is going to be somewhere soon, go with your intuition. Shoot them rockets!!\

<_BahdKo_> :)

<spinal2x> Same goes for plasma.

<_BahdKo_> That was my next question, incidently. What role does Plasma have for you in map7?

<spinal2x> I used to be great with plasma on 7. Used to love using it on 7. Its great on 7, but then every weapon is, because doom has balanced weapons unlike other games!

<spinal2x> Here is one situation. Say if you know your enemy is on the outside, in a corner near a weapon, and say he is heading for the bfg direction. You are inside the center box area. Shoot the plasma gun into that opening. While your shooting you should be making your way to the other opening thats between chain an plasma, then run at them from behind, shooting, and if they are not so great you can get an easy kill. If they are good you can sometimes get lucky an surprise them. Either way, I like to trap ppl in there with my plasma. Make it so they dont know where I'm coming from.

<spinal2x> If i have plasma, and they are near bfg, its hard to trap them in, since all they need to do is hit the wall an look at you to get the kill. But then again, if someone does that, and you are shooting plasma,  Bfg wont instantly kill you.

<_BahdKo_> yah

<spinal2x> Plasma reduces the bfg kill

<_BahdKo_> hmm?

<spinal2x> Shooting it blocks the view an bfg wont instant kill you

<spinal2x> Not sure if its a bug or was meant

<_BahdKo_> oh I see!

<spinal2x> You knew that right? The plasma balls shield you.

<_BahdKo_> No i had no clue at all.

<spinal2x> ya

<spinal2x> New trick to add into your doom faq =]

<_BahdKo_> precisely :)

<spinal2x> Are we at my new favorite yet?

<_BahdKo_> yes

<spinal2x> Chaingun!

<spinal2x> Chaingun!

<spinal2x> Chaingun!

<_BahdKo_> Ok lets do .... Chaingun!!

<spinal2x> Playing csdoom has made me come to love it. If you have terrible aim ( like csdoom does to you) but can keep your gun on the guy use chain. Chain is great for 7 since it hits instantly, and you can kill a guy from all the way across the map and he wont even hear you firing because you are so far away. Just practice using nothing but chain if you play someone on map 7. It takes awhile to get use to it but it ROCKS!

<_BahdKo_> does this usefulness apply to LAN and modem as well?

<spinal2x> Yeah. Chain is good. Just not against bfg =]

<_BahdKo_> heehe

<spinal2x> Chain is the best against plasma

<_BahdKo_> You seem to kill me when i have chain against your plasma =p

<spinal2x> heh, well, when you are using chaingun and your enemy is using plasma, make sure you run backwards away from your opponant. Let them chase you. Since you hit instantly, there is no need to go after them. They will drop like a fly.

<_BahdKo_> so get back as far as you can manage huh

<spinal2x> Yeah

<_BahdKo_> Well last but not least i guess would be, SSG, anything specific come to mind, aside from its a great respawn follow up weapon?

<spinal2x> Most of my ssg kills come from when ppl respawn. Or, if someone is coming at my with bfg i like to kill them with the ssg. Ssg is really good though like chaingun, since the map is a wide open area, it's an instant hit.

<spinal2x> If I had to rank weapons for use on map 7, Ssg is the best, then bfg ( since it kills ppl so damn easy...), then my CHAINGUN! Then plasma, rockets, uhh what else is there.

<_BahdKo_> thats it

<spinal2x> no wait

<spinal2x> pistol!

<_BahdKo_> heh heh uh huh!!!!

<spinal2x> Its a good weapon if used right.

<_BahdKo_> hows right?

<spinal2x> Well if they have ssg an you have your a #1 pistol, try to get up close to them if they miss you with first shot. Run around them shooting as close as you can to them. Its hard for someone to aim when you are running circles around them in their face, just dont run in the most obvious directions.

<_BahdKo_> ah ok, thats not unlike Chunkk-style in the plasma room on map1 maybe?

<spinal2x> Noskill style actually

<_BahdKo_> ah ok

<spinal2x> ok i cant think of anyhing else at the moment

<spinal2x> other than

<spinal2x> When you play map 7 dont use fists unless you have bezerk

<spinal2x> And dont play it new dm!

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