Building Manuverability

(1) Straferunning in hallways

 Straferunning through hallways is important....and now is the time to start trying it. There will be 2 main difficulties in learning to do this well: getting angled correctly so that you don't drift to the side and crash or scrape into the wall, and getting around corners without crashing into some area around the intersection.

 Time for some practice...

 Use one of the main hallways to practice straferunning straight down it....and make sure to practice this facing both forward-left and forward-right. Then try turning around in the hallway.

 The next best way to practice straferunning in hallways doesent use facility.wad. Load up your favorate deathmatch wads that have hallways and practice moving through them. Map1 and Dwango5 map1 are good for this.

  Learning to straferun without crashing takes a long time and a lot of practice, relatively speaking. It is a very important skill, however, and is well worth the time it takes to learn to do it well.

 (2) The Perfect 180 degree flip around:

 Being able to turn around, 180 degrees, in almost no time at all and with great control, is one of the great advantages that the mouse+keys config has over any other.

 The "flipper TSR cheat" that some keyboarders use does not allow them to aim effectively after a flip (effectively by my standards anyway). It IS technically a modifies Doom2 to function in a way in which Doom2 was not designed, and provides one player with a possible advantage over another.

 To practice the perfect 180, go into one of the main hallways, face one direction down it, and try to make one flip and get faced the other way. It will be good to experiment with different "accelleration" settings as well as mouse sensitivity at this time, but keep in mind that you will need to re-adjust overall mouse sensitivity when you change accelleration. Higher accelleration means that the faster you swipe with your mouse, the faster the player turns....the effect of fast turning is amplified, so that you can make one small, fast swipe to get spun around, but still have slow and careful aiming abilities. Some players prefer mouse accelleration be activated, some hate it.

 After practicing turning, practice this: you run forward down the hall a short way, then flip a 180 and at the same time, switch to running backward. This is an important and deadly skill. Once you get good at this, practice doing this but fire a weapon right after you turn.

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