Map11 interview with Xoleras


This is an interview with Xoleras, done for's release, where Xoleras explains
some Map 11 strategy issues. It was conducted on IRC,
so editing was required to make the format more easily

<Bahd^QS> What do you do when you first start a Map11
          game? It depends on if you are green or indy
          doesent it?

<XoLeRaS> Well, if I am player1 I will respawn on the
          plasma gun. What I will do it get it, run
          out of the room, get 100 health in the closet,
          run up the lift, and get the blur sphere on
          the ledge. Then I will go down, get the
          radiation suit, use the transporter that is
          there, jump from the ledge it transports me to
          onto the center platform and get the SSG.

<XoLeRaS> The main thing in level 11 is to dominate the
          ring. Stay on the ring and do not let the other
          player get on it. You only allow the player to
          be in the shit (aka green acid) or up on the
          ledges that people have to transport up to.

<XoLeRaS> Once you have control of the ring, you are

<Bahd^QS> Do you look for the other player?

<XoLeRaS> I pretty much know where the other player is
          all the time, because I only give him a few
          places to be. I sometimes let them go into
          the room that leads to the plasma gun area
          because I want them to be in there. For
          example: I just got the health, i have 200%
          armor, and they go into a tight spot .. hehe
          bad news for them! I let them be in one of 4
          places: The acid, the rocket launcher room,
          the BFG room, and the ledges that you
          transport up to.

<Bahd^QS> And attack these places from your
          position on the ring?

<XoLeRaS> Yes that is correct. Very rarely will you
          see me jump on the acid to kill.

<XoLeRaS> Another thing about this level is to have
          the radiation suit on at ALL TIMES.

<Bahd^QS> there is a place to stand where you shoot
          down at the person who is stuck inside the
          circle of acid right?

<XoLeRaS> Well they only good spot is every where on
          the ring that you can not be seen from
          inside it. All yo u have to do is shoot at
          the pillar that the lift switch is on, and
          that will stop them from going to hit the
          switch, and make them die in the shit :)

<XoLeRaS> Another thing, have to fake
          them a lot and hide them as well. Like when
          you are in the middle where the SSG is, you
          can run and jump on the runway to the BFG
          room with out making the grunt sound when
          you land on the far side of the runway. When
          you make this jump while straferunning, you
          will not make the grunt sound when you land.

<XoLeRaS> there a lot of tricks in that map that you
          can learn, and use to get ya frags.

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