Advanced Map1 discussion by
DMcon2 tourney winner Galiu


A Discussion of Map1 Strategy for Advanced Players
by Guillaume "Galiu" Jeudy

Hi Doomers! This is Galiu writing an advanced strategy guide for map1.
It is important to note that these strategies were developed by playing against seasoned and dangerously-skilled players, you won't need such fine techniques to kill players of lesser skill.
Here are the map1 advanced strategies that I will explain:

-Weapons switching
-Bfg multiple blasts attack
-Hit and run tactics
-The peek and hide decoy
-The silent bfg from far away
-Ways to camp
-Respawning issue
-How to deal against each weapon: -bfg
          -plasma gun
          -rocket launcher
-Miscellaneous other strategies
-Dodging Techniques
-Importance of Speed and Agility
-The importance of SSG aim

 Weapons switching

 Switching weapons at the right times and for the right reasons is used to confuse the opponant, and is a means by which you can surprise your opponant. To do this as effectively as possible, you need a keyboard setup that lets you switch weapons easily while moving at the same time, for example the WASD setup or ESDF. Keep the super-shotgun as the punch surprise attack weapon and use other weapons as cover-ups to keep the other player defensive. Why won't you use plasma, rockets and BFG against the opponent instead of super-shotgun? The assumption is that you are playing against a very good player, and such weapons aren't as effective as the ssg because they are dodgeable. Try alternating by shooting a couple of rockets into a corner, then shoot around the corner with ssg then run back.  Try this with bfg also.

Using multiple BFG trace attacks at the same time

 Here's an example: the target is in the blue ssg room, and you are standing on the chaingun. Shoot a bfg ball in the rocket box, and while keeping the fire button pressed, run and shoot on the left wall of the entryway. Make it so that both bfg balls are exploding at the same time, this will shoot bfg traces both in front and behind you, thus killing anyone there. Keep firing bfg as a safety measure if the opponent was hiding behind one of the pillars. Use silent bfg at all times where possible, it might help against intermediate players.
 Another example, the target is camping behind the podium with the plasma in the plasma room. You are at the other end. Shoot a bfg ball straight down the corridor and shoot another bfg ball on the left wall, synchronise the explosions so that both traces are in effect at the same time. You'll kill everything in the plasma room, unless he ran back at the sg or in the exit cavity. If so, keep firing non-stop and try to get him.

Hit and run tactics:

 Try to be unpredictable. Surprise the opponent and run back when he tries to fight back. Example: Shoot around a corner with ssg then run back 2 corners away to prevent any retaliation, strafe-running the whole time. It is a must for you to move away from him quicker than he comes after you. Or charge with bfg and if he hides don't chase too far, hold back and switch to ssg to prevent ambushes. Try using various weapons as decoys to draw him near, and use the ssg as the default killing weapon. Example: Shoot chaingun down the plasma hallway, he might come to get you, switch back to ssg to greet him with a blast.

The peek and hide decoy:

This is a very specific tactic that I invented for this case:

You are behind the podium with only the plasma, you want to get the sg outside, keep shooting cells he won't hear them coming, hopefully he won't charge and he'll wait for you. Run outside as fast as you can grab the sg and resume the plasma camping position. Keep shooting in irregular patterns. When you think it's time, run in the hallway, you'll suppose that he's waiting with ssg at the chaingun corner. Just show the tip of your nose and hide right back. If he shoots he'll most probably miss, and it'll give you a full reload time to act as you please with sg preferably since he can't dodge it. But this won't work every time, sometimes they don't fall for the trap. Ex: Slasher :).

The silent bfg from far away:

There are 3 places on map1 that you can use for this: The left pillar in the bfg room, the right or left pillar in the blue room, and the left column in the plasma room. You make your silent bfg on those pillars, and run in at the right angle to attack the desired hallway. You made the oommph far away, so they won't even hear that. Pretty efficient. Example: you are in the blue room, the opponent is in bfg room. You make your oomph on the right pillar and run at an angle so that you attack the chaingun corner with the traces, this might work if he has moved forward into this intersection to check the hallway. Same goes if you are in the bfg room: push on the left pillar and shoot (basic silent bfg technique), then let lose the bfg ball so that it hits the right wall at the same time that you have moved into the hallway and are facing the chaingun. You can use those far away spots, green armor alcove and behind the podium to shoot plasma cells and rockets, they are silent from those places, shooting the chaingun corner from the rocket box does the same effect. I'll use the silent rocket technique and run behind my rockets while switching to ssg, so that I have a free ssg surprise shot right after the rockets impact.

Ways to camp:

 Yes, you need to camp sometimes, even if your opponent doesn't like it. Sometimes it's the only way to kill a good player. Here's a rule of thumb, always stay in movement, switch between 2 or 3 camping spots constantly, for example you want to watch the plasma hallway see if he charges, you have 4 possible camping spots, the chaingun corner with ssg (classic), the blue room at an angle so that you see the plasma hallway by a tiny opening, or in the rocket box, or the health potions alcoves. You can also stick to the right wall near the corner, that's what bahdko does, it might work but more risky. The object is not to get surprise in a static position, you'll be much more agile and ready to respond if you are always moving.

Respawning issue:

Here's a very, very important aspect of map1, what makes you win or lose is often how many respawns you get and how many self-respawns you survive.

Basic rule: always follow-up on respawns when you just killed him, even if you have chaingun or sg, the only case where you'll want to back up is when you have only handgun or that you are badly wounded 5%, 10%, and the opponent has the chaingun. Best weapon to get respawns is the ssg, otherwise bfg works nice too.

Wear headphones when you play so that you hear the stereo sound effects, you'll locate the respawn sound more easily.

Usually, wait before respawning to break the opponent's momentum, it'll greatly help you survive.

When you respawn at the chaingun, back off right away to the bfg if you know he's near, grabbing the chaingun might be too risky.

If you respawn in the plasma hallway back off on the plasma podium, you be able to grab the plasma most of the time. You'll need to run forward a bit then run backwards while slightly strafing right.
If you respawn behind the podium run for the sg if he's near or try grabbing plasma once, but don't try more, it'll kill you. If the opponent is faster than you and gets down to the plasma room before you can get out the sg door, keep dodging in random directions while taking away health with pistol shots, it might save you if he's already weak.

If you respawn on the start ledge,you are relatively safe but be wary of bfg traces. Because one can fire a silent bfg down the plasma hall and run at the bfg ledge to get you with the traces. You'll want to do it yourself when you know he respawned at the start, seldom works against good players, but nothing to lose in trying.

How to deal against each weapons:

Dealing against bfg:

 Use rockets or plasma as a cover-up weapon and ssg to effectively strike a bfg wielder, while his weapon charges up you have time to kill him. Practice your dodging skills and timing when defending against bfg, you'll want to get behind him or run around corners in the opposite direction to dodge bfg attacks, fleeing on the other side of the level works well too. Try running backwards, so you can shoot while you flee. Never show your back to the opponent, always keep him in sight when you can.

 Dealing against ssg:

 Use ssg if you can, a combination of rockets/ssg or plasma/ssg works well too, try avoiding bfg unless against a poor ssg player. Ssg vs ssg works as follow: You want to get the first shot on him then you run back and hide as you reload, works well in hallway fightings, if you have 3-d sound you be able to hear where the reloading sound comes from, thus locating where the guy backed off, helping in your ssg attack. Rockets and plasma here are only used for the sole purpose of confusing him and make him show himself a bit, so that you can charge him with ssg or snipe with chaingun/sg from far away.

Dealing against chaingun:

 You'll want bfg or plasma to deal effectively with chaingun, you just charge and spray the best you can, or hold back with ssg, be cautious, if you miss your ssg shot, the chaingun is able to bring you down in less time than you can expect. Chaingun vs chaingun is even, but if you are weak, use bfg or ssg, one shot kill weapons. Try avoiding sg, unless you are a sg master. :)  When you have chaingun, and the opponent hides from you, that most probably means that he is weak, don't give up, snipe at him, hang around till he dies.

Dealing against sg:

 I would pick either ssg or bfg, ssg you need to aim properly, but feel free to charge if at full health. Use multiples bfg blasts, of course any other weapons might work but not as well, plasma can be effective if in a small area. Keep in mind, try to stay close to him, because sg is a good weapon at mid and long range, at close range you've got better chances if you spray plasma or shoot ssg.

Dealing against plasma gun:

 Here, ssg around a corner or chaingun from far away, always back off when someone charges you with plasma, and keep shooting him with an instant weapon. Or use silent bfg to good effect since he doesn't hear the oomph when he fires plasma cells. Definitely avoid staying in close quarters against plasma.

Dealing against rocket launcher:

 Hold back and charge when you think he's not firing yet another rocket on that wall. Ssg and bfg will do the trick, keep in mind rockets are good in small areas. In open spaces, just charge him and dodge those slow missiles. When using rockets, practice shooting around corners and shooting walls to hit him with the blast, you seldom get a direct hit on a good player.

Miscellaneous other strategies:

When opponent flees for sg, use the window to good effect shoot ssg or attack with bfg through this window if you feel you can't catch up to him outside.
When respawning at the plasma room, run in the exit cavity and push on the wall, you might lure him outside, giving you time to run for the ssg. You simulate the sound you make falling from the steps outside.
If respawning in the plasma corridor try running and hiding in the rocket room as fast as possible, he might miss you and go check the plasma room, giving you time to arm yourself.
When camping in the bfg room, feel free to strafe by the opening without firing, and repeat this. As soon as he shows himself get a bead on him, or get strafing by, he won't get you because you don't stop momentarily to fire, or at least will only partially hit you, you can taunt him to charge in this way, greeting him with ssg or bfg in this case.

Dodging techniques:

 Try making a sudden change of direction when he's just about to fire his ssg. Using normal strafe instead of the strafe-run technique changes your dodging pattern giving you more chances of surviving. Try being unpredictable, practice that awkward dodging dance, and try keeping him in your sights all the time.

Importance of speed and agility:

 Always use strafe-running when pursuing an enemy and use wall-runs if possible. Try running backwards all over the map without hitting yourself once on a wall, will help you a lot in defensive retreats. Practice direction changes while keeping strafe-running in effect all the time. The toughest moves being backwards strafe-running, try mastering this.

The Importance of SSG aim

 Practice in wads like shoot!!.wad where you only have ssg's and there's a lot of respawning medikits. The only way to kill is to get one shots, nothing less, even a 95% hit won't do it. Also, never at all time, never shoot right after you reloaded, give yourself a split-second to aim carefully before shooting. Practice perfect 180 degrees spin, this way you can make a spin-shot when the opponent runs past you.


Timing is very important on map1, only experience and watching demos of great players will give this timing skill to you. Notice how you can shoot ssg just before the opponent unloads his first bfg ball, and have time to hide back at the same time, you need very good timing for that.

Some editing of this document was done by BahdKo, as english is a second language for Galiu.

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