If you would like to check out what has started of the Megasite I wish to make for Doom, visit this link. Its more or less a future goal and will have a ton of animated buttons and other such things that don't exist at the moment, but can be seen in previous form on http://lehr.me/doom.

If you're new to Coop/Splitscreen or want to give it a try, or you just want to read the mod reviews:
Brianna and Jerry's DOOM Split Screen Cooperative Mod Reviews

There were some projects I wanted to work on for Classic Doom 2 for some time that I just haven't had the time or have been to lazy to accomplish. I'm commissioning to get levels made for one of the projects because I haven't had enough practice I feel to pull off all the detail needed on such a large scale project. It will be home of 14 hub levels, possibly double that if there are two hubs per level pack release. Each level pack will have 6-8 soundtrack titles, and a hub or two of highly detailed story-oriented puzzly play. It'll be like Nightmares of Loki if it was to be considered a good mod. I wrote this story starting in the 2003-04 period and at the time was attempting levels under the name Visions of Loki for the Doomsday/jDoom port. Since it has become Otherworldly: Tales of the Lokust Sun and is a finished plot in two versions, regular and doom 2. Regular would be a movie-style version made in a modern engine by a big name company. THAT won't happen, so we'll just stick to the Doom 2 version. Anyways I'm making a soundtrack to continue the 2002 soundtrack for Loki's Realm a game that never was, the plot spread out into proper cuts and text screens, narration and dialogue, and textures and some sprites for fun.

Another project is called Project M.I.G.A. which stands for Make It Go Away and will consist of 8 to 24 levels all with either goofy or amazing ideas thrown together to be one of the most elaborate jokewads to ever exist. One idea inpaticular is called PIXELART.WAD as all of them would be named 8 letters with 3 letters as the .WAD extension for "DOS Environment Feel". PIXELART.WAD would consist of 256 textures each representing one solid unique color of doom's color palette. The level would consist of several enemies remapped into textures from a single still, going each pixel at a time and laying it on a grid of slightly heightening sector/linedef setups on a faraway wall. Then enemies of that type would come pouring out towards you when something is triggered. Another idea was THEHOTEL.WAD which would have 200-500 rooms blocked off with "ghosts" having really bizarre and funny conversations within. Yes, it would be a hilariously haunted hotel.

My last idea as a mod, other than the Chaos Quadrilogy or Abaddon series which would both be included with it, is Vintage'95. This mod would be HUNDREDS of levels arranged from a giant first hub linking to sets of 8 forming episodes of smaller games with primitive 1995 quality level design. Some of them are so laughably bad you wouldn't play them at all without them being part of something a lot bigger that has better levels. I've been making the Doom99X levels I'm altering to be Abaddon 1 (flat floors like wolfenstein) and Abaddon 2 (a doom 2 mod) and Abaddon 3 (slopes, archways, scripting, hubs, etc). Chaos 1-4 would be regular doom-style classic maps, Nightmares were my very first 3 full megawads of "new levels" basically in the smallest size possible. Z Chambers was the very first level I made copied over 100 times because I couldn't get linedefs and sidedefs to do what I wanted in DOS before actually learning. Battlefieldz as you probably can guess by looking is the second level format I could come up with that worked.

Good and bad mods aside, I am mainly working heavily on game soundtracks for real video games and my personal mods as well as the possibility to commission music for other guys for super cheap when it comes to doom mods.

if you need to email me for any reason, try this.

I have been enlisted in July of 2017 to help with Project Warlock.

It's a pixel gunslinger with spells and rpg elements. It's basically the levels of wolfenstein on steroids with a heretic twist, possibly even hexen.

There are five themes: Medieval, Antarctic, Egyptian, Industrial, and Hell. They are very well designed and our artist is superb. I hope the music does the art justice! Let me know if it has!

This has been the coolest job I've ever had and I hope more happen and am willing to work for any game coming out that is building a good rep and the pay is descent ;)

There is also a small section on other games non-released that I made music for, as well as a lot of music to listen to and $4 albums (completely listenable for free forever) on http://www.lehr.me as well as a raspberry pi "retropie" tutorial, tons of links, and a little about my independant music biz complete with photos of my "den" room in the garage where I record and do non-internet "office" things like web and game design. There will soon be more games of course as myself and some friends are working on a game called C.A.T. Catastrophes Across Time starring, naturally, a cat! On board so far are Allen West, Brianna Jones, and a friend of Allen's.