dybbuk's thing

Welcome to my doom2.net profile/thing. If you would like to see my full personal website for Jerry Lehr, also including the dybbuk/delehrious site itself with all of my old bad and modern mediocre mods with dreams of better days in doom modding (well, the level part) then visit: http://jlehr.neocities.org

It also includes my Absynthium Music Pack for Doom II which features 35 music tracks I've created over the years and chosen for this.

It includes the Project Warlock website embedded into it (that I did the music for), as well as my Classic Doom Megasite Project, modbox, GAMES.EXE minisite, and Raspberry Pi tutorials.

You can also hear the fair majority of all of my music since the year 2000.

Coming soon: Project Warlock II (Buckshot Software, aka Kuba Cislo) I do the music again with Luke Wilson of Absolute Audio! I do the synth, he does all the metal battle tracks (there's now one per level!)

My upcoming mod I will hopefully direct a lot of time and attention towards and end up very proud of will be called Otherworldly: Tales of the Lokust Sun and it will feature a pretty in-depth mysterious thriller story, a full brand new soundtrack of 30+ tracks, more detailed levels than ever before, new textures, and possibly new sprites.